Energy is everything

We are surrounded by an energy field, an electromagnetic field, a vibe, or, the more new age-y term, an aura. (No joke, “Amber” by 311 came on as I wrote this sentence. Take a listen to set the energetic mood with me.) A person’s aura is the combination of their chakras, which are the energy centers on the body. (We will go more in depth on chakras in our upcoming Chakra series.) An aura is usually portrayed as an invisible egg or bubble encasing the body. Chakras and a person’s energetic field can be affected by emotions, thoughts, outside stimuli, substances, and other people.

Not only are we constantly sending out energy from our electromagnetic field but we are constantly receiving too.

For example:

  • Have you ever felt eyes on you and you turn to see a person looking at you?
  • Have you thought of a person only to receive a text or call from them within minutes?
  • Have you felt sadness or anger off of another person without them verbalizing their internal state?

That’s picking up on energy, my friends!

Some people are more open to receiving energetic information than others. These people are labeled as intuitive, empaths, or psychic. Most people can feel another person’s energy to a degree but some intuitives can actually see or read it. The stereotypical and comical, “your aura is looking a little gray today,” is not that unusual in some circles of spiritualists. I’ve been told my aura looked “really healthy.” Which, at the time, was the best compliment because I had just worked through an emotional upheaval.

Energy can be thought of like a light spectrum. There is lighter energy which vibrates high and is very positive. And there is darker energy which vibrates lower and is not as positive. This is not hierarchical. One is not better than the other. Just the balance of life. Think of a yin yang.

I think most would agree that it feels better to be happy, exude love, or to feel grateful than it does to be unhappy or feel unloved. Happiness, gratitude, and especially love in all forms, are feelings that vibrate higher and are more positive on the energetic and emotional spectrum. They are lighter in color and in feeling. Even think of the colors we associate with each of these emotions as a society. Happiness is usually a bright color; to me, I think of yellow. Love is a pink or red. While sadness or feeling unloved tends to be portrayed with a darker blue or a gray color and feels heavy.

Emotions and thoughts of anger, hate, and sadness have a lower vibration. When we focus on these and similar emotions, or keep them in our bodies and minds for a long time, this can affect our energetic field, aura, or vibe. Conversely, positive emotions like love and gratitude can raise our vibration.

Emotional Scale Diagram

This is why our thoughts and emotions are so important. Monitoring our own minds it the first step to shifting our energy to a higher vibration. A great exercise is to be conscious of your thoughts for at least a full day. Notice the phrases that come into your mind.

For example:

Do you find yourself thinking things like,

Wow. I am so grateful for my health and the use of my body and that my body is constantly working to keep me going.”

Or, “Even though he/she never called me after our date, I still really love me and I’m happy to be me every day.”

Or do you find yourself thinking things along the lines of,

“God. Why am I can’t I be thinner? Look at her! She is so lucky to be so tiny. The diet isn’t going to work, so why bother?”

And, “Of course he/she never called me back. How could anybody like me? I’m not (insert insecurity) enough.”

Unfortunately, the majority of people’s self-talk is similar to the latter examples. Feel the emotions associated with these two different thought patterns. One feels lighter and one feels heavier. (*uses guru voice* Read the energy. Be the energy. Which one is which? *winks guru-y*)

Like magnets, vibrations find matching vibrations. So if your thoughts are closer to the latter examples, not only is your energetic field sending this out to others, you’re pulling in people who will match this vibration and send it back to you in turn. (I’ll expand on this idea in an upcoming post because it is important and requires a thorough explanation. Sit tight.)

With this basic foundation of energy and thoughts, you can begin to make major shifts in your life just by being conscious of your inner dialogue and therefore your own energetic state. This awareness can lead to shifts in the way you feel in your body, the people you’re attracting into your space, and the obstacles and lessons you experience in your life. There are plenty of methods to create major life shifts but the first and simplest step is to be conscious of your thoughts and the inner chatter you direct at yourself (a.k.a. the way you talk to yourself).  Try it for a full 24 hours. Make either mental or written notes of your thoughts, especially repetitive ones. Think of the world you’re creating for yourself with these thoughts.

I will give you more tools to deal with these emotions/thoughts/vibes throughout upcoming posts.

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