New Year New Mindset

Ahhhh…the end of the year. Let the “New Year. New Me.” posts reign. But instead of letting this be just a strategically hashtagged and well-timed post on one of your social media outlets, why not begin this “New Me” journey with a simple “New Year” gratitude exercise for the month of January. Let’s try something different this year. Start this new year in way you never have before and open the door to possibilities. Instead of “New Year. New Me.” how about “New Year. New Mindset.” or “New Year. New Gratitude.” Ok…so those are not anywhere near as catchy as “New Year, New Me” and I don’t have any real hopes of either of those catching on, but “New Year, New Me,” implies there needs to be a new you because there’s something wrong with this you. And there’s not. The only thing many of us need to work on is the way we feel about ourselves. Everything else falls into place after that. It just takes a commitment to yourself and a little work.

Setting your Intentions for the new year (instead of Resolutions because by definition a resolution is a decision and an intention is an end goal or a plan…feel the different energies there?) is important because it can help focus your energy and bring in what you want. Your Manifestation journal is a great place for this exercise. But setting long-term goals can sometimes feel intangible and it can be easy to lose focus because of this. My Month of Gratitude is a tangible 5-10 minute daily gratitude prompt to create positive shifts in your mindset by the end of the month and allow you to be more open to receive all the amazing things you deserve this coming year.

This Month of Gratitude will help you cultivate the habit of expressing gratitude which can positively effect your life in a few key ways.

An attitude of gratitude may actually change your brain chemistry. The effects below were found in studies on gratitude highlighted in these articles: The Grateful Brain and How Expressing Gratitude Might Change Your Brain

  • Improvement in optimism
  • Increase in exercise patterns (which is the most traditional resolutions anyways 😉 )
  • Better sleep patterns (which decreases depression and anxiety symptoms)
  • Increases in dopamine
  • Long-lasting effects (feeling grateful more frequently and long after finished participation in gratitude exercises)
  • “Pro-social” behaviors  which in turn causes others to feel grateful and ripples out gratitude

Expressing gratitude can shift your energy as well:

  • Raises your energetic vibration because gratitude, along with love, are high vibrating emotions (as discussed in this post)
    • Which makes you a magnet for the same vibration therefore pulling in loving, positive people and activities into your space
  • Decreases anxiety/depression because it raises your vibration and brings you to the present moment
  • Decreases negative self-talk
  • Puts you in a “abundant” mindset
    • Being grateful for what you have takes away the idea or vibration that you are “lacking” or you don’t have enough and so you open yourself up to more wonderful things.
      • It’s like showing gratitude for someone who helps you. They’re more inclined to keep helping and giving if they feel appreciated. The Universe and energy works in the same way. Why give more good things to someone who doesn’t appreciate what they have now?screenshot_2016-12-07-23-17-05-2
  • Gratitude is humbling
  • Helps you radiate a loving energy because Love and Gratitude are two sides of the same coin
  • Cultivates a positive mindset by seeing what you have in a loving light
  • …and on and on and on times one billion-trillion-million… approximately, give or take a trillion or two… (or something because gratitude has so many benefits!)

So starting on January 1st, I will be posting daily gratitude prompts for you to write 5 things you’re grateful for every day in January. This is a simple daily task that can take less than 10 minutes a day and can have the profound effects. If this is your first time participating in a gratitude exercise, the prompts are very helpful and I designed the progression throughout the month specifically. So set up a Gratitude journal and join us on this journey!

I’m grateful to you, dear reader, for making it this far and, having experienced this myself, I’m looking forward to see the positive effects that manifest in your life.





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