Are you manifesting what you want or what you DON’T want?

I’m going to focus on the importance of our thoughts, self-talk, and emotions and how that affects what we manifest in our lives.

Your thoughts contain energetic vibrations that get sent out into the universe and influence your reality. Everything that comes into your space matches your energetic vibration. The concept that your thoughts work like magnets and pull in “like” vibrations is called the “law of attraction.” This has been explored for over a century and in many different healing sectors. Even much of the modern Western medical community acknowledges that positive thought aids in healing the body.

Before expanding on how this connects to what we pull into our life, for poops and giggles, let’s briefly touch on how this removes things from our life. Because everything in our life matches our energetic vibration, it is uncomfortable to be around people, places, and things that do not match our vibration. Our discomfort is equal to the difference in our vibration. Read as: giant energetic difference = very uncomfortable, little energetic difference = a little uncomfortable. For example: when you end your partying phase but you’re friends continue, it’s suddenly uncomfortable to be together because you’ve shifted and they haven’t yet. Or vice versa. I bet you can think of examples of people in your own life who have fallen away after one of you made a major life change.

A few publications that deal with manifesting and the law of attraction have gotten mainstream attention in the recent past. Therefore, to bring positive things into their lives, many people focus exclusively on positive thinking. This is a great practice to incorporate in daily life and very beneficial, but without healing the underlying wounds that create negative thoughts patterns, emotions, and self-talk, this method can be more like a “band-aid” than a “treatment.” These wounds tend to be overlooked in most introductions to manifesting and the law of attraction but they can create important potential blocks to pulling in what you want in your life.

So, for the billionth time, you can bring in whatever you want with your thoughts. This concept can be hard for many to believe when it’s new. From personal experience I can tell you, for better or for worse, it’s true. You can probably think of times you wanted something/someone so badly and you got it. (Maybe you really didn’t want to go to work and got suddenly sick? *wink*) So, do you want that front row parking space? Manifest it. It’s yours. (Which totally works, by the way! Definitely a life saver.) You want a $1 million? It’s yours. Money is really just energy, especially now that it’s mostly digital. As a society we just imbue it with all this extra power to it. (I will address money in another post.)

Energetically, manifesting a million dollars is no different than manifesting a parking space or anything else…and yet why does it feel so different? The answer is the underlying wounds we all carry of fear, not deservingness, and unworthiness. I bet you feel like you deserve a good parking spot (why not, right? Get. That. Spot. *z snaps*). But do you feel, in your heart, in your gut, that you deserve something seemingly big like $1 million? Think of the thing you want most. (After reading this, I’m sure you realize you’ve been unconsciously manifesting it this whole time.) Do you feel a nagging shadow of feeling like you shouldn’t have it?

Do you feel worthy of your dream job? Do you feel like you deserve your dream house? Are you fearful of your dream relationship? It’s that fear, that hesitation, that flicker of doubt of your own deservingness and worthiness that blocks a manifestation. This changes energetic vibration of what you’re sending out.

When you want something but you don’t feel worthy of it, what you’re actually sending out is, “I want ________ but I don’t feel like I deserve it. I don’t feel good enough.” Which is saying I want it, but don’t give it to me. Remember, emotions are energy that are sent out as well. Same as your thoughts. So if you’re saying, “I want $1 million!” but you don’t feel like you deserve $1 million, you’re not manifesting $1 million. You’re actually sending out and manifesting unworthiness. Manifesting has to do with what you believe and not just what you say.

In this post, you were encouraged to notice your thought patterns and inner dialogue for 24 hours and think of the world these thoughts create. If the inner dialogue directed at yourself errs on the unkind or reinforces insecurities, this is what you’re manifesting. So if you’re trying to bring in a new job and yet you kept telling yourself “You’re underqualified. There’s no way they’d hire you. You aren’t good enough,” you’re actually manifesting not getting the job.

Now that you’ve noticed your thought patterns, the next step to make major shifts and manifest efficiently is to try identify the origins of the negative self-beliefs and self-talk. The journaling series in this blog will give tools to start self-healing. This may be a painful process, especially for some deeper wounds, but it is a process that brings an awareness of patterns in your life and gives you an opportunity to shift them to thought patterns that honor your highest good.

A personal example is my own journey with body image issues. No matter how thin I have been, I had always seen myself as too heavy. When I was given some of the tools I’m sharing here, I recognized that the voice in my head saying, “you’re not thin enough,” “you know that looks better when you’re thinner,” etc. as my mother’s words that she had said to me my whole life. Through journaling and some introspection, I realized I had internalized my mother’s body image issues as my own. I easily internalized the things she said to herself and to me during my upbringing and it became my unconscious inner dialogue. It became the way I learned to look at myself and the way I thought the world looked at me too. Once I recognized the origin of this self-chatter, I could start to unravel it, unlearn it, heal it, and shift it to a positive space.

Louise Hay is a big proponent of positive affirmations, which is a good way to learn to restructure negative thought patterns. For many though, to really make a long lasting shift, it’s important to heal the root of these negative thought patterns which is done through introspection and some type of therapy (like journaling) or coaching.

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