Hungry for Change

If you haven’t seen the documentary Hungry for Change do you and your 80 year old self a favor and give it a watch on Netflix. You might live for a million years after you adopt it as part of your life. (Ok maybe not a million. But why limit yourself?) I say that because this gives a more holistic view of the food industry, processed food, a healthy relationship with food and our bodies, and our diet. Not our diet, like the restrictive plan we do for 3 days before breaking and eating a whole pizza. Our diet, which as they explain in the film, is defined as the way an organism usually eats. Many people in the holistic health world share their knowledge throughout so you’re bound to find someone’s story that resonates with you.

I share this because this helped me shift my mindset about the food and chemicals I was putting in my body.  Everything they say is sustainable and realistic. It’s about shifting your lifestyle to being more mindful and being intentional about nourishing your body, rather than just feeding it. I definitely recommend it for everyone looking for a healthier long-term lifestyle.

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