June Body Appreciation

As I mentioned on social media, I’m focusing on gratitude and appreciation for our bodies for the month of June. It’s so important be in a place of gratitude for our bodies. But sometimes this time of year makes it hard to love our real bodies, when media and advertising is hammering us with unrealistic body expectations. 

You’re body is fantastic because it’s yours and it’s the only one you get. You can move houses.  You can leave your country but you can never leave your body. So it’s about time to stop hating where you’re going to live for the rest of your life. 

Your body may be the one of the only things that loves you so purely and unconditionally. Is there anything else in your life that works selflessly, literally, every second of every day for your health and well being? Your body’s sole purpose is to keep you alive and healthy. Despite this, we tend to ingest things and engage in habits that hurt our bodies. (Like what about cookie dough? Have you ever had cookie dough!?…or, like, have you ever eaten your way through a Netflix marathon? Or have you drank yourself into a projectile vomit blackout?…. of course no. Right?) 

So this month, we’re starting a lifelong love and appreciation for our bodies, if you haven’t already. 

Stay tuned for more posts. 

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