Let’s be grateful for our arms today. 

Maybe ours arms don’t all look like Arnold or Michele Obama’s…but that doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of our gratitude.

Many of us have two fully functional arms…not everyone is so blessed. Your arms help you to carry all the groceries into the house…because two trips is for wimps. 

Your arms allowed you to make your caregivers those macaroni picture frames when you were little. Your arms allow you to hug your loved ones. To lift your hands to wipe away someone’s tears. And your arms allow you to itch that scratch. Imagine if you couldn’t scratch your itches? Your arms allow you to bathe and dress yourself with ease, no matter what they look like. 

There’s an million other infinitesimal things your arms do for you daily. Why are you grateful for your arms?

2 thoughts on “Arms

  1. Vanessa (little vee) July 17, 2017 — 9:10 am

    For a long time, one of my biggest insecurities was how big my arms were. I would avoid pressing them against myself, especially in photos. I naturally build big arms, too, and I saw that as a bad thing for so long. But now, I love them. They’re big and strong. They can protect, embrace, lend a strong hand when needed. You helped me realize that and I am forever grateful that the universe allows an awesome and inspirational being like yourself share your wisdom.

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  2. For a long time, I was deathly afraid of exposing my arms. They were ‘too big’ and when I would take a picture, I would be sure not to press it against my body, I would shy away from sleeveless tops and would always wish they would be slender and ‘feminine’. BUT after working out for some time, putting in some heavy lifting work… they didn’t get smaller at all. Once again I was disappointed and for a moment I pondered becoming a cardio bunny…. THANK GOODNESS I didn’t. I love them big and strong. I can lift heavy, they can protect me and others, they can embrace and love, and they can lend a mighty helping hand when needed. Thank you, Caroline.

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