Find The Others

My Friends, I am afraid.

I am afraid to write this post. I’m afraid to acknowledge what I am and the work I do.

Intuitive/healers/shamans/light workers/way showers have been persecuted since the rise of “civilization.” Even Christ, possibly the greatest healer to walk the Earth, was literally crucified. Ancient leaders always tried to use spiritual connections and magic to gain an edge. Modern governments around the globe have experimented with ESP, psychics, and other sacred lights with hopes of exploitation. Law enforcement has used physics in investigations. These are facts and it is not new.

The fear of being seen and known is REAL and warranted. And I know you are afraid too, my fellow light carriers. You are afraid you will be invalidated because you feel and know true things you can’t explain. You are afraid your loved ones will turn their backs on you or label you as crazy or, even worse, your freedoms and maybe your life will be taken away because you are seen for what you are: a light. You are afraid the darkness of the world will attempt to swallow you up if you stand in your shine. And it makes sense why we try to hide.

And I know you are afraid because I am afraid and I feel the palatable fear of the world. I am afraid for myself. I am afraid of the way I will be perceived. Of the way those in the dark will attempt to persecute me. And I am afraid for our Mother Earth. I am afraid for our country. For our privacy. For our right to individuality. I am afraid. And I feel the collective fear. I feel the surge of fear that runs through the world as the media hooks our attention and zaps our vital energy by pouring into us more and more dismal news. “Stay down. Why try to make a difference? The world is big and broken and you are a drop in the bucket. Give up.” You can hear these insidious whispers underneath the mainstream media if you really listen. I feel the fear of parents for their children, of women for their safety, of men for their inability to create safety. Believe me. I feel it all.

And this is exactly why I have to step forward.

I cannot be selfish to let fear win by hiding. I have to stand in the light because I know the others are out there. I am not screaming into the void. Not even close. There are other lights out there trying to keep themselves dim so no one will notice that they don’t fit in in the dark and they can’t see the other lights. But I see you. I feel you. Just as I feel the fear, I feel the HUGE amount of people that are here to anchor in and spread the love and the shifts in humanity that this will bring.

There are more healers walking around on the planet today than in the times of Christ or the Buddha. Because you are needed now. Because you can make a difference now. You are not alone or wrong for feeling like this can’t be all there is. Because it isn’t. This isn’t it. It’s just part of the cycle we are in.

We are in a period of dark that will push the light to step forward. We are in a deep winter that will force the blossoms to emerge for spring.

And I need you to blossom with me. I need you to stand in your light with me. Together we rise. Together we realize we were never really alone. We’ve just been unknowingly separated from each other all this time.

So this is a call to the others. I know you can hear me. I know you are out there. When you’re ready to stop pretending you can “survive” with the darkness, contact me. Contact me when you’re ready to thrive in your light but not before.

I’ll be providing resources, connections, tools, tips, and education. I and other healers will be posting here and contributing regularly, and you will see, we are not alone.

Hello, my light friends.

It is time.

Find the others.


Send your email address to be part of our collective rising.

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