Be seaweed, my friend.

We are in weird times, friends. The reality is: the unavoidable will always happen. In The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho, an angel tells the prophet Elijah to learn the difference between what is temporary and what is lasting. The angel explains that what is temporary is the unavoidable and what is lasting are the lessons learned from the unavoidable.

“Fear exists until the moment when the unavoidable happens…After that, we must waste none of our energy on it.”

The Fifth Mountain – Paulo Coelho

While the idea of not having fear is so unbelievably seductive, and believe me I have been trying to eradicate fear my entire life, it is near impossible. Even after you jump and follow your heart’s desire, even after you commit to a path you believe whole heartedly in, even when all the evidence points to “you’re going to be okay,” you will still find fear. Or it will find you. But let me tell you this: it is normal. We all have fear and we have our battles with fear we don’t tell anyone about.

Fear is normal and natural in the face of the unknown. We as a species like to avoid pain, which…I can’t blame us, but it is through these unavoidable moments, these struggles with God, the Universe, and our own confrontation with the meaning of our life where we rise as humans.

What I can tell you is in my bones I feel that this will be a defining moment in our history, like the great depression for our great-grandparents. There are moments in life when there is a before and an after. And right now we are between the two, in this uncomfortable and disorienting liminal space. Like outer space. Or being underwater. Where is up and where is down?

Have you ever wiped out surfing or been swept by a wave in the ocean and for a few moments while you’re getting tossed around you can’t tell which way you should swim to the surface? I have experienced this many a time in my life. I always suffered a lot in these moments until I learned to just allow myself to flow with the swirling of the ocean while knowing that I would be pulled in the right direction when the water cleared. Once I learned to allow in these moments, it just became another part of the game.

So my advice, my friends, is to be seaweed. Have you ever watched seaweed going back and forth with the ocean current? It is calming. It is tranquil actually to watch.

If seaweed or kelp attempted to be rigid and fight the current, do you really think a piece of seaweed could stand against an ocean current or be able to thrive the way it does under the sea? Giant kelp can grow two feet a day! That is crazy! Do you think it could thrive fighting the untamable, unavoidable ocean every second of its life? Never.

Seaweed, despite going with flow, never stops reaching towards the light and never stops growing. Despite being anchored on the ocean floor, going with the flow is what also allows for this amazing ability to grow and thrive.

We must take care of ourselves through these difficult and unavoidable moments of life. But it is equally important that we take care of each other. We cannot allow fear to be the fuel of our lives. Anything that causes separation from ourselves, which also means from each other, is not for our best. Isolating ourselves is not being seaweed. It is being a rock thrown into the ocean. The only outcome is sinking and maybe being dragged along the bottom.

I am offering free 15 minute intuitive readings/spiritual coaching sessions to the first 10 people to contact me because we must not lose sight of each other. We must band together as a people. We must not close our hearts in these moments. These difficult and unavoidable moments also offer the greatest opportunity for healing, connection, and to wipe the slate clean. These moments are like a slap in the face that show us what really matters. What do we actually want to cultivate and nourish in our fragile and precious lives?

I already reached out to my communities and loved ones to let them know that I have their backs if shit gets weird and we are a community going through this. We are together and we are here to support each other. I was afraid to “share” and reach out before I did this too. My heart seized up, “but what if….?” What if nothing! What if I am not an island going through the difficult and unavoidable moments of my life? What if I don’t have to carry the weight of this entirely on my back? What if we help each other rebuild once we get to the after? What if we grow together and up like seaweed?

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