Chop Wood Carry Water #1

Clean your house.

There is an expression of “chop wood carry water” about doing the same physical tasks before and after enlightenment. These tedious tasks can become a moving meditation when we are absorbed completely in the moment. We are in weird times my friends and, because of that, the idea of “chop wood carry water” is so important. To me, right now, chop wood and carry water means taking care of the necessities and taking care of ourselves by using these “tedious” tasks to ground us as we move through this moment in our lives.

My first “chop wood carry water” task for you is: clean your living space.

And not out of fear, but as a moving meditation and with gratitude to have these walls to give you sanctuary while we are in these weird times. Now is not the time for idle hands because this gives room to easily spiral into fear, panic, and make elaborate assumptions and wild stories for which we have no real evidence. Rest and relaxation, yes, but not stagnation or being overly idle. Taking care of our day to day tasks is grounding. Purifying our space also purifies the mind. We honor our selves and we honor our space when we clean.

Chop Wood Carry Water #1 Clean Your House

Being in a clean space is also one of the simple pleasures of life that is often overlooked. Like eating a good home cooked meal or sitting in the sun in spring. Sleeping in clean sheets and waking up to a clean home is both comforting and calming. Especially if we are to spend more time at home, being in a calm and comforting environment is important. We are already feeling the collective energy of anxiety and uncertainty, don’t let this bleed into your private life by allowing a chaotic home environment. We need to be able to find our center and moments of clarity. That is difficult to do with dirt and clutter.

Declutter. Deep clean if you’re up for it. And enjoy the reward of a quieted mind from the “chop wood carry water” tasks.

Tips on how to clear energy here.

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