Where are we out of alignment?

I am wired to find the learning lesson or the silver lining in any situation. So maybe this virus shows us where we’ve been out of alignment with our health. A strong immune system appears to be enough to combat it and yet the average American lifestyle does not support our body’s natural defense system. What an awakening for most.

We will all be slowing down for a while. Perhaps the world needed a slowdown. To slow is part of the natural rhythm of life. Is there not a winter every year? And were we not seeing the compounding negative effects of our hyper-fast paced lifestyles? Unprecedented addiction. Rampant lifestyle diseases. Increased autoimmune disorders. Stress and anxiety impacting our quality of day to day life. Just to name a few. 

And so this gives us a moment to recalibrate and decide how we can move forward taking care of our precious bodies and where we want to dedicate our precious energy. I saw a quote that said something to the effect of: we lose so much of our life to things we think matter by going into debt on our health. Until we no longer have our health. And then we realize that our health was really the only thing that mattered.

Through this, I have found myself brought to tears with gratitude for being healthy.

I own and operate two small businesses and manage a third. If everything goes under due to this crisis, with my health, I have the luxury of being able to rebuild my life from nothing. With my body strong and healthy, I can rise from the ashes. I can always recover if I have my health. The reality is our health is everything and yet we often don’t realize it or appreciate it until it’s too late. Like all good things, I guess.

We abuse our bodies in so many unfair ways and our bodies always respond with, “I still love you,” until they physically can’t anymore. Nothing else on this planet may be able to love you and be as unconditionally devoted to you as your body. So here are some journal questions for you to uncover where you are out of alignment with your health. As Traver Boehm says, being in integrity is when what we think matches what we say matches what we do. 

1) Where am I out of integrity with my health? Where am I out of integrity with my relationship with my body? Does what I think about my body and health match what I say about it match what I do about it? Can I imagine a version of myself where I am in integrity and in alignment with my health and with my body?

2) What are at least 5 ways my body supports me daily? (e.x.: getting up, breathing, tasting my favorite food, doing my hobby, etc.). What are at least five ways I support and honor my body daily? If I cannot think of any ways I support and honor my body, am I ready to shift this into a higher priority for me? Why or why not?

3) What are the positive changes I would like to make with my relationship with my health? Which of these are long term and which are short term? Which have to happen first? And what is just ONE that I can start this week? [Pick one only. Sustainable change happens with consistency, compassion, and resilience to bounce back when you slip. So start with one small one. Small victories need to happen to create bigger ones].

4) How would I feel about my body if no one else could see it? Would I be more accepting? More loving? More compassionate? Would it change anything? And if I felt differently about my body if no one could see it, what does that mean to me?

5) If I imagine that I suddenly had less use of my body or less health tomorrow, would I wish that I would have enjoyed my body and health more right now? Like looking back at old pics where I thought I was fat at the time but now I see that I wasn’t really, do I wish I would have enjoyed and accepted my body then?

Check out my Em+Fit program if you are thinking about supercharging your health regimen. I handmade this program based upon my own battles with body acceptance and physical health. My journey was marked by panic attack anxiety, suicidal depression, and a 60lbs weight gain and loss. I understand what it is to be uncomfortable in my body, desperately wanting to get better, trying everything without success, and feeling so discouraged. I remember at one point when I was over 220lbs feeling oso desperate I would give up an arm just to lose the weight. Luckily, it didn’t come to that but exposing and healing all the emotional layers I had inside that were causing the stubborn weight was not an easy or comfortable task. Despite the discomfort of the journey, I wouldn’t trade any of it for an instant.

A healthy weight, a loving and accepting relationship with my body, and guilt-free enjoyment of food characterizes my life now. Compared to what used to be constant obsession, shame, and self-abuse. My wish is to give everyone this inner peace but I can only show the path, everyone must take their own step forward.

Contact me for your first step or if you have questions:

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