Chop Wood Carry Water #4

Part A & Part B

Limit Media Intake & Begin a Gratitude Practice

Now more than ever, our diet is so important. And I don’t mean what you eat. I mean what you ingest mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The cells in your body literally make themselves out of the food you ingest. This is why eating good quality foods is so important for your health. In the same way, your inner landscape can also made of your mental, emotional, and spiritual diet. Being around negative or paranoid people, will also influence you towards negativity and paranoia vs being around positive and healthy people will influence you towards positivity and health.

So this #4 Chop Wood Carry Water task is about being intentional about your mental, emotional, and spiritual diet, especially as most of us have a lot of free time and therefore more room to ingest this type of material.

Part A: Limit your media intake: social media, news, or anything propagandistic that is trying to create fear in you. You are what you eat and you are what you see constantly. Familiar becomes normal for us. So, whatever you are seeing over and over on social or news media during your scrolling hours will become a “normal” for you and a filter through which you see the world.

Ask yourself this: is what you are participating with on social and news media really how you want to see your life and interpret the world around you?

How you decide to limit your media intake will vary person by person. Being logged out was enough for me to be accountable. For some you may have to give yourself a timer or delete the app and use it on a browser. Be creative. The right fit is out there where you can honor yourself and still utilize = the valuable information and good that these platforms can offer.

Part B: Begin a gratitude practice. I’m a huge proponent of gratitude because it is so simple and so effective when used as a regular practice. Gratitude is the vehicle to find evidence of good in the world.

Handwrite three things you are grateful for every day in the first person present tense. Ex: “I am grateful for my arms. I am grateful for my house. I am grateful for my morning coffee.” Whatever. In any moment there are a million things to be grateful for. This will take you less than 5 mins daily but has the potential to change your biochemistry and brain structure forever when used consistently.

If you would like more structure on a gratitude practice, my 30 day Launchpad to Light Guide is here, which includes intuitive wellness basics along with a guided 30 day gratitude guide.

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