The Great Purge and You

We are in what I’m calling “The Great Purge,” where we are clearly seeing the holes in the systems and letting go of what no longer serves us as we move forward on all levels.

We are being confronted with the things that no longer work and serve us. If we don’t have the level of health we want, or positive relationships around us, or a fulfilling work life, these “holes” have become very uncomfortably apparent because we do not have the distractions we built into our normal routine to numb us or pacify us.

If this applies to you, the real question is: what are you going to do about it? You have the power to decide what this moment means for your life.

Letting go and shedding is what allows room for new growth and yet I’m seeing a lot of people clinging to old identities and belief systems. Why do we cling to these sabotaging behaviors even if we know we don’t want to be this way anymore?

It usually comes down to deservingness and/or fear of the unknown. The way we see ourselves tends to be wrapped up in the concept that we are less or undeserving or unworthy in some way. (Which is not true.) Because of this core concept in our identity, we continue to engage in self-sabotaging behaviors that reconfirm the beliefs that we are less or unworthy. The way we see ourselves, whether as undeserving or as anything else, is familiar to us. It’s how we talk about ourselves to ourselves.

An unhappy or uncomfortable familiar will be preferred over a potentially better unknown in the beginning. It just the way we are wired. We know who and how we are as this “less than” version of ourselves. But we don’t know this unweighted lighter version of ourselves yet. Even if it is what we ultimately want. And so that can be scary.

If you find yourself clinging to self-sabotaging or lower vibrational behaviors, this is where your work begins.

Ask yourself:

  • What benefit do I get by staying in the same place/staying the same version of myself?
  • How does it serve me to continue participating in this cycle I am in?
  • What do I lose by stepping into my highest self? And what do I gain?
  • Does this self-sabotaging cycle seem familiar to me? Where have I seen this before? In my self or the people that raised me.
  • Does staying the same, even if its not the highest version of myself, feel safe or unsafe? Does evolution feel safe or unsafe?
  • Can I see myself embodying the behaviors and habits of the best version of myself? Can I believe, even if I’m not ready today, that one day I will be ready and capable to be this person?
  • Because this journey can only be taken one step at a time, what is the very first step I can take without too much resistance?
  • Where can I find support on my journey of healing? If I don’t have anyone yet, I can set the intention to pull in the right people/places/resources to me.

Let’s work together if you need some guidance and support in this.

“Be seaweed, my friend” post mentioned in the video here.

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