You Are a Maker of Your Reality

We are subject to the collective reality but you make your own reality.

We can see this in the way people are having their own unique experience through the pandemic. Some people are experiencing a lot of fear and some are displaying huge acts of love, connection, and generosity.

You are not doomed to suffer or be punished through this period. (I’m speaking to the 98-99% of people that are not currently being affected by health consequences of this pandemic.) You create your experience and if you want to experience fear, lack, and disempowerment during this time, that reality is 100% available to you.

But I want to remind you that so is a reality based on love, joy, and abundance. I know this is true because we are literally seeing such this spectrum of experiences and responses in this time.

We choose what any moment means to our life and that includes this time in history. Some people will thrive and grow and evolve through this, why not you? Finding purpose helps us heal and address trauma. What purpose can you find for yourself? We choose how we interpret our experiences of life.

Are lost or are you an adventurer in search of your treasure?

Are you broken or are you a phoenix rising from the ashes?

Are you stuck or are you an innovator challenged to create something truly new?

No one knows what’s going to happen next. Not even the people in charge. The reality is, even when you still had your normal routine, you still didn’t know what was going to happen next. You had a routine and so you had an expectation of what would happen next, but you didn’t actually know. Anyone that has had a car accident or a flat tire on the way to work knows this to be true.

So we need to understand and stop pouring our energy into the unanswerable question of “what’s happens next?!” No one knows. So it’s not about what happens next but what you create next.

It’s not about what happens next but what you create next.

There is a story of two brothers raised by an alcoholic and abusive father. One brother creates a successful business and healthy family life. He’s generous and loving. The other brother becomes an addict, is in an out of crime, and has abusive friendships and relationships. Later in life, both brothers are asked the same question: “So how did you get like this?” and both brothers have the same answer: “How could I not be like this because of my father?”

The chips are in the air and you decide how they land but this must be done through action. Action is what turns intention and energy into physical reality. It is uncomfortable to take action for the things we want, to face our own shadows keeping us from the reality of our dreams, but it is far more uncomfortable to suffer for self-abuse, for self-sabotage, for fear, for hate, for shame.

Action is what turns intention and energy into a physical reality.

So why not be uncomfortable for joy? Why not be uncomfortable for love? For generosity? For abundance? We can be uncomfortable keeping ourselves small knowing we are stifling our growth and our potential and hiding our gifts and message from the world or we can be uncomfortable with growth, adding our light to the world, helping our community, and living in abundance. It’s your choice. It’s always your choice. And you are gifted with the opportunity to make that choice every second of every day.

Watch the full video for the details of how we create our reality.

Sign up for a free consultation for an Alchemy Session with me. In the Alchemy Sessions we journey into your divine, discover the reality of your dreams, and remove the blockage preventing taking the action to create it.

Be well, my friends,


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