Change the Clocks!

We’re on Mother Nature’s Time.

We’ve have been in a shift of the empowerment and evolution of the feminine energy for at least 100 years.

If you think about it, the government structures and similar systems represent very masculine or patriarchal energy.

Protection, regimen, organization, structure, compartmentalizing, action, forward movement, single focus, and linear time are masculine energy characteristics. The feminine energy is more defined by nurturing, free flowing, adapting, chaos, indulgence, multitasking, ebb and flow, connection and unification, and cyclical time are more feminine energy characteristics.

Mother Nature is entirely feminine energy. It has been said that this is why nature has been rejected and abused in Western cultures especially because it represents the power and the uncontrollability of raw feminine energy. The unhealthy shadow aspects of masculine energy like control and domination cannot stand or exert their force against a tsunami or an earthquake or a fire. How uncomfortable for them. :/ Mother Nature represents wild unbridled feminine energy.

The virus is of nature. Regardless of this virus’ source, infectious disease is part of the natural rhythms and cycles of nature. Knowing this fact doesn’t make it any more fun or good but it is something that happens and has happened before and probably will happen again. (Spanish flu, the plague, SARS, Mad Cow, etc.)

This virus isn’t going to go away because the masculine structures in place say: “Ok this needs to be wrapped up in 3 months so the economy can get back up to speed. Get on it, Jefferson.” Whatever. This is on Mother Nature’s timeline and there is nothing the masculine energies of the government or other systems can do to stop that or control or dominate that. This moment reminds us that no matter how much we have “civilized” ourselves or distanced ourselves from the struggle that comes with being subjected to the wild, we are still part of nature. We are still under the dominion of the natural world. Mother Nature, Mother Ocean, Mother Earth are the forces that commands or allows all things.

All of our made-up, man-made systems have been put to a halt because of microscopic organism we can’t even see with our naked eye or sense with any of our other 4 senses. All of the illusions we’ve created as a society and as a culture of what is “cool” or what “wealth” is or what we should strive for to be accepted and considered worthy by others have all become irrelevant as this force of nature sweeps across the globe.

This is teaching us to come into a better balance with the masculine and feminine energies (along with many other important and valuable lessons that we will need moving forward). This means balancing our personal masculine energy of striving and strict structure and action with our feminine energy of nurturing and indulgence and surrender. The feminine energy flows, like a river that meets a boulder, it flows around. It does not attempt to blast its way through . This is the energy we are being “forced” to learn.

How can you flow through this moment of stillness, of waiting, of re-evaluating so you are able to appropriately step into the right action when it is time to rebuild? Because this time winter will pass and a new spring will come. Without the balance of utilizing the higher parts of both energies, we can stray into the shadow or excess aspects. The masculine traits are not meant to exist without the feminine and vice versa. They compliment each other. They are not meant to be separate or enemies. One is balanced by the other.

Read about flowing like Seaweed through this time.

1 thought on “Change the Clocks!

  1. Teresa Peterson April 20, 2020 — 11:09 am

    Nice! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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