Flow with the Go

I know many of us are itching to be done with this phase, with the pandemic, with the shelter in place. I feel the same buzz of impatience under my skin.

But the timeline for how this gets resolved is out of our hands, and not because of government regulations or scientist recommendations, but because Mother Nature has her own timeline. Just as we cannot tell a tree how quickly it should bear fruit, our impatience or discomfort will not make this go any faster. Have you ever watched a pot while you waited for the water to boil? šŸ˜‰

If anything, our resistance will make this period seem longer and more unforgiving. By resisting the reality of where we are right now by wishing it was something else or waiting to be in the next step instead of being in the one we are in, we can completely miss the gifts the current moment has to offer us. We can miss the opportunity we have to know ourselves in this trial, to explore our inner world, to be honest with ourselves in the new quiet spaces that have expanded because our usual distractions have disappeared. Our old life has gone away. (The old ways aren’t coming back either and that is the truth. Too much has happened and been revealed in this time and even more is to come.) And if we don’t embody the moment we are in, in this transitional and liminal period, we can miss the opportunity from Life asking us to evolve into the “new” life we really want. Life is giving us the path, we just have to take the steps.

So how can we find ways to flow through this time? Understanding the art of “flowing with the go” (Rickson Gracie quote here). Life is moving around us and it will keep moving. So how can we flow with what is going? How can we lean into the positive aspects of divine feminine energy like adaptability, nurturing, flowing, and surrendering? As a note: Allowing does not mean settling or accepting less but encompasses understanding and adapting to the circumstances we cannot change. We cannot change that summer flowers fade in the fall. We cannot change that the high tide changes the sand on the beach. We cannot change that the full moon will once again wane and disappear as the Earth turns. And we cannot change that we are in the middle of this transitionary period right now. No, flowing does not mean settling. It allows us to accept and be in the moment. And by accepting where we are, we harness our power to do something about where we are, to create and innovate where we are, and to eventually evolve out of where we are when the time comes. To flow with the go creates the stepping stone for the adaptability that will allow us to thrive through this period, rather than just surviving.

Read my first post about this: Be seaweed, my friends. Let seaweed be your inspiration.

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