Your ally: the Onion

Nature is your ally.

My partner and I were just talking about how herbs, fruits, and vegetables are like the OG supplements and vitamins. As in, you take supplements for increased blood flow, for increased immune system, to decrease your cortisol, and a million other things. But nature taught us to do that. The idea of things like gummy vitamins were inspired and made to imitate nature. So why not just take the real thing instead of a cheap knockoff when we can?

“Let food be thy medicine.”

Even if Hippocrates didn’t actually say, “let food be thy medicine,” this common sense wisdom has been around long enough that we don’t know where the quote originated. The idea of manufactured supplements are based on the medicinal properties plants provide. By no means am I a doctor or providing medical advisement but a quick internet search will demonstrate this. Peppermint helps with digestion and cools your body temperature when its hot out. Oregano has major antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Watermelon and celery help keep you hydrated. Garlic helps boost the immune system and blood circulation. Lavender helps reduce stress and promotes quality sleep. And onions…well, onions are like natures antibiotic and help with respiratory health, digestion, and a lot more.

But, until the last year or so, I’ve had a complicated relationship with onions. I had an allergic reaction to red onions in my teens and became violently sick. I stayed far away from onions for a long time, even feeling as if they were spicy-hot when I would eat them. But when I was traveling around Turkey and Greece, I decided to ignore my onion fears. Or really, I was forced to. Do you know what is a major ingredient of Mediterranean foods? Onions. Fun.

So I diarrhea-ed my way across the Mediterranean as I ate onion filled everything but my physical reactions eventually got better. And thankfully my travel mates were compassionate with me running off to the bathroom after meals. Looking back it makes sense. In Life Changing Foods, Medical Medium Anthony William explains that onions help clear out the digestive tract and sometimes the gastric discomfort is the onion doing its job. Which was the case for me. When I finally did my first natural gut bacteria cleanse years later, I stopped craving red meat, vinegar (I used to crave and drink vinegar straight out of the pickle jar), and sugar. Apparently, my digestive tract needed the help.

Despite getting over my physical discomfort, I was still bias against the poor onion for a long time but fate brought us together again and again.

My partner, my love, is Brazilian and he was raised with a lot of love in traditional Brazilian foods. Do you know what is a major ingredient in Brazilian food? Onion and garlic. And we meet again.

Food is nurturing. I love cooking for us. I love nurturing us with a home cooked meal, especially after a long day or a fun day outside. Some of my favorite times are us cooking and barbequing together and for our friends. So after years of missing out, I’m finally regularly adding onions to our lives without resistance and without prejudice.

Especially now, eating onions has become more of a medicine in my mind. In Life Changing Foods, Anthony William mentions that if you are worried about catching a cold, a virus, or food poisoning at a restaurant, order a dish with onions. He mentions steaming your face with onions to reduce a respiratory infections. How fitting for the time we find ourselves in. What if we let go of the fear of, “what is going to happen?” and take these simple actions to create and fortify our health with something we do have control over: using the healing properties of everyday foods like onions.

Lately, we’ve been eating whole grilled onions. I’m using a sweet yellow onion cut in 1/8’s. I pour avocado oil over the top and add seasonings. I’ve been using a butter garlic herb seasoning mix with some paprika and grilling them until soft in foil. I open the foil towards the end to make them crispy. After we ate our first one, my sinuses drained and I just felt better. I take this as proof that my onion prejudice is cured and I’m grateful to have access to the onions divine healing properties.

The next recipe I want to try are these Stuffed Onions.

Along with many others at this time, I’m diving into the ancient and divine knowledge of plants, nature’s medicine in conjunction with my spiritual coaching. Join me.

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