Abundance Action

I recently spoke about the abundance mindset. We hear a lot about abundance mindset since manifesting and law of attraction became mainstream. But what is it exactly?

Abundance mindset is about feeling, believing, operating, and acting from a place of: I have enough, there is enough to go around, and I trust or know that there will be enough. Wishing or hoping for this to just magically appear will likely not pull abundance into our reality. This is the critical point often missed by law of attraction-ers and manifestation proponents. We must know, trust, and actually take action rooted in this truth. Action is what turns energy into the physical. 

You can manifest your dream job but if you never take the action to put your best resume together and to submit the application, how can you expect it to magically appear? You’ve created no avenue, no bridge, no vehicle for it to actually get to you. But this what I see happening. People attempt to “manifest” something they want with the expectation that it will fall into their lap without offering any effort or energy and then blame something outside of themselves for their “misfortune,” for their lack, for their not enoughness. This is unbalanced entitlement not abundance. You ARE entitled to all the good things you want in life: material comfort, great sex, healthy fun relationships, nutritious foods, a fit healthy body, etc..

Just because it is your divine birth right to have a life of goodness and abundance, does not mean it comes with no effort on your part. How do you create healthy fun relationships? You heal those aspects of yourself that prevent yourself from being a healthy and fun friend, lover, child, parent. How do create a nutritious diet? You educate and reframe your beliefs and habits around food. How do you create a great sex life? You illuminate the shadows and the shame that prevent healthy connected sex and find a consenting partner on the same page as you. This can be learned in Alchemy Sessions.

Without addressing and taking responsibility for your half of it, you’re asking the world to move around you. I’m not sorry to illuminate the fact that you are not the Sun here. You are more like a seed underground waiting to sprout. You cannot sit there, all potential buried underground, with your arms crossed in child-like defiance saying that the earth will have to lower itself to you so you can sprout finally. No. You must rise to meet the light. It is in that effort to grow upwards that you are also able to recognize how capable you are and you align yourself with abundance. I know it is possible and so I am making it happen. You are initiating the flow of abundance into your life with this mindset. Abundance is a flow because there is always enough so flowing is inherently part of that.

The Universe did its part, did its half, by presenting opportunities to you. That is the magic of it. The perfect thing came into your space. As in, you have been given all of the most perfect building materials at your fingertips but you have to put them together. The Universe/God/Source/Life wants you to operate in and have abundance. This is our natural frequency. This is how we come in as children. The fear of lack is learned from the grown ups and culture around us.

Action is what turns energy into the physical.

Scarcity mindset, the opposite of abundance, are the feelings, beliefs, and actions inspired by: I don’t have enough, there isn’t enough to go around, and I don’t know or trust that there will be enough. 

It’s interesting because we’ve been domesticated with a filter of scarcity, as in we’ve been trained to see lack not abundance. And because this is what we have been trained to see, how many of your actions are rooted in the belief of scarcity and fear? If action is what turns energy into the physical, the every day action of staying in the job you dislike because you don’t think you are capable enough to make your own purposeful business is creating what physical reality? What intention or energy is being converted into the physical here (also known as manifesting)?

Fear has its benefit. Fear kept us safe when we didn’t know how else to keep ourselves safe. Any fear you have is also keeping you safe in some aspect. But fear should be seen like a spare tire not as a forever means of transportation. In survival, it can get you at least to the place you need to go but once you get there it’s time to get help getting a new set of tires. Without acknowledging, illuminating, and integrating that this scarcity mindset is rooted in fear as a means of protection or as an attempt to create safety, it will be almost impossible to move forward the way we know we can while we are still dragging a tire that doesn’t quite fit.

Despite many of us carrying this filter of scarcity and fear, I guarantee the majority of our experiences actually demonstrated evidence of so much enough-ness but we don’t know how to recognize it. Like another language, we may not recognize the sounds we hear as words because it is foreign to what we have known. We would be a very different world if there was actual lack and not just perceived lack

This abundance/scarcity mindset applies to the material but also to the immaterial. This can apply to friendship, healing, love, and even time. The idea that there isn’t enough time is rooted in scarcity also. I personally think this originates from when we converted to “time is money” (This idea of time is money is modern and likely not optimal for our well-being. We valued time differently in other points of history.) Therefore if you have a scarcity mindset around money, it would logically follow that this manifests in all the cultural representations of money, including time. In scarcity, we’ve been led to believe that we are not strong enough, capable enough, or worthy enough. These are all rooted in a scarcity mindset. Just feel how those two phrases feel in your body: “I am not capable enough. I am not worthy enough.” or “I am capable enough. I am worthy.”

How does it feel in the body to activate scarcity and how different does it feel to activate abundance? Which one feels more aligned to the highest essence of you who are? And remember, you may just need a little help getting where you want to go and unlearning the things that no longer serve you. As we all do at times. 

To create a life of abundance, we must understand that any limitations to abundance are perceptions and beliefs that have been given to us and are likely not true limitations. Abundance does not necessarily equal the things society has shoved in our face as status markers that make one “worthy.” This idea that you are not worthy without a million social media followers, without a Mercedes, without designer clothes is inherently rooted in scarcity because without them you are not enough. This belief is limited. Abundance, having enough and being inherently enough, is a divine right but you must do your half to create it. Action rooted in the beliefs that I am enough. I have enough I trust and know that there will be enough are how you do your half.

How many of your daily acts would change with this foundation of abundance?

Journal Questions:

– What is something I want to manifest or create for my life?

– Are any of my beliefs, feelings, or fears around this rooted in a scarcity mindset? Do any of my “reasons” or fears why I can’t have this sound like: “I don’t have enough.” “I am not enough.” “There isn’t enough out there.” “I don’t know or trust that there will enough later.”

– Is there a possibility that these “reasons” or fears are not TRUE? What would it look like if these weren’t true?

– List your scarcity beliefs as a phrase or a negative affirmation (e.x.: I don’t have enough time) and transmute them with a positive abundance affirmations (e.x.: I have all the time I need).

– What is my half of the responsibility to make this thing happen? What are the abundance action steps I would need to take to convert this abundance energy into my physical reality?

– Can I see where the Universe/God/Source/Life has brought me opportunities or how can I stay open to those opportunities so I can seize them when they arrive?

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