Your Fears Block Abundance

We hear a lot about abundance and manifesting but why isn’t working for you?

We all have had weeds of fear planted within us in our early life. Over time, other experiences and our beliefs about ourselves and the world watered these weeds and they grew. For many, our internal landscape, or our inner garden, is so overgrown with these weeds rooted in fear (which encompass self-doubt, shame, guilt, unworthiness, shyness, anger, jealousy, etc.), that this is all we can see when we look at ourselves. We don’t even realize that these weeds rooted in fear aren’t actually part of who we are. We have just so used to them that they become our “normal.”

If we are in a trauma state operating out of fear, we aren’t open to the flow that is inherent in an abundance mindset and in being able to take abundance actions. Abundance means being open to giving and receiving while scarcity is rooted in fear and not feeling like there is enough. In scarcity, we feel like we need to conserve our resources. In abundance, we feel and know there is always enough but this view will be blocked if our internal landscape is overgrown with fear-based weeds.

We must challenged the fear based beliefs that have taken root in us so we can operate in a place of abundance but also to be able to fully operate and feel worthy in the spaces of joy, love, compassion, fun, pleasure, health, and wellness.

If you have been confronted with the realization that you don’t like yourself or aspects of yourself, watch the video for more details. If my message resonates with you, check out my alchemy sessions. That’s literally what my work is.

I am an ascension guide and universal energy educator. My work offers healing tools for you to create your own intuitive wellness practice and education so you can operate in these good spaces self-sustainably and self-sufficiency. I am here to guide you to the highest version of yourself until you can continue taking the steps yourself.

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