Guided Meditation

Use this simple grounding meditation daily or as needed. This guided meditation uses your own breath to align and balance your energetic body made of the chakras, our main energy centers.

Having a mind devoid of thoughts is very difficult for most of us or pretty much all of us, unless you have been trained in this way. So I like to think of meditation as creating more space between thoughts. It is very normal for conscious thoughts to come and go as we go through a meditation, especially in the beginning of practicing.

As you go through this guided meditation, try to focus on the images provided by my voice and imagine your conscious thoughts leaving or floating away to come back to you when you are ready so you can enjoy the journey. You have more mastery of your mind and your thoughts than you’ve been led to believe. You just have to flex and train those muscles. Meditation is a great way to do that.

To experience a personalized meditation like this go here.

To experience a live group meditation like this go here.

With Gratitude,


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