Power and Honor

Is it possible to own your power or to have personal power and honor yourself, the people around you, and the world?


The problem is what we have been trained to see as power is a power rooted in scarcity.

Power rooted in abundance and love says that I can operate within my power (which is owning that I am autonomous and sovereign in my life meaning I choose my experience) and so can you. Me operating in my power does not take away or diminish from you operating within your power. Abundance: there is enough for everyone.

Power rooted in scarcity is the pyramid power structure we have come to understand in our society and world. The people at the top have power and the people at the bottom have less personal power. And the people at the bottom have to exchange their personal power to survive. Scarcity: there isn’t enough for everyone.

We have come to understand power as the scarcity-rooted power because that is the majority of our examples of power. But, we have to understand, this is only a shade, or an end on the spectrum of what power actually is.

Owning your personal power is rooted in honoring yourself. By honoring yourself, you inherently honor those around you. Lying or cheating doesn’t honor you and it doesn’t honor others. Setting a healthy boundary is operating in your power in a way that honors you and the receiver of the boundary. There is no honor is doing shit out of obligation if you are sacrificing part of yourself to do it. That doesn’t honor you or others to sacrifice yourself. If you are sacrificing parts of yourself, you are offering a diluted or less authentic version of yourself. How does that honor the world?

If we have been abused by the powerful before, (as many of us have) we may even reject power for fear of becoming an abuser ourselves. We associate power with abuse and so we may reject owning our power to not be associated or tainted like this. But this doesn’t honor us to give up our power in this way. We can absolutely own our power and honor ourselves and others. It is all one thing.

If you need to hear that it’s okay to be powerful in a positive way, if you need permission to own your power here it is:

You have permission to operate in your power in a way that honors you, the people around you, and the world.

You have permission to own your power for your highest good and for those around you and for the world.

Owning your power in this abundance-rooted/love-rooted/honor-anchored way creates an example and gives permission to the people around you to do that as well. Owning your power in this way is a service to humanity.

Own that my light, friends! The world is waiting for you.

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