The Great Purge & Media

This video explains part of the Great Awakening that we are in is also the Great Purge. What we are purging are the things that don’t serve us anymore as we move forward in the evolution of Mother Earth and her humanity. This includes limiting concepts, beliefs, lifestyles, and relationships. As we go through the Great Awakening, one of the huge realizations we will come to understand is how the entertainment industry, news, and now social media is contorting our reality and separating us from ourselves, our human nature, and our fellow humans. (This has been going on for a long time in many forms but I feel this will come under a spotlight more in the following months, like the end of 2020 or even 2021, when we can look back on how the media greatly influenced people’s responses to this period.) For example, marketing relies on separating you from yourself by subliminally telling you, “you are not enough as you are but you could be better by buying this thing we are selling.”

Part of the Great Awakening will be realizing how our realities have been manipulated by very subtle messaging and the default shut down answer of “that’s just how it is.” We made up the “way it is.” I know we made it up because “the way it is” changes by geography, history, and culture beliefs. So how can settling for the limitations and problems we are seeing be the way it is? Of course it isn’t but certain systems, institutions, and concepts benefit from the stagnation here.

For several generations, we have been given limited avenues to “success” or societal worthiness. The systems in place have created so much separation from ourselves and from each other through repetition of beliefs and concepts. For example, sexuality is part of human nature. Our desires for sexual acts and pleasure are what continued our species, of course are natural. Sexual desires are not shameful. They are biological. If we do not judge them or attach an emotion to them, these feelings will pass. Or we can engage in a healthy sexual relationship with consensual adult partners where we can explore our sexuality and pleasure in a safe and mutual way. There is no inherent shame in this and this is a reality that is available to all. But through repeated messages that sexuality or sexual desires are shameful, we have created a chasm within ourselves and from each other. Sexuality is part of human nature and part of who we are. This separation from ourselves gives space for the dark spectrum of emotions, like shame. Operating as a fragmented being or a separated community keeps us weak. Operating unified being or a connected community is how we own our power.

Repetition is how you train and domesticate an animal, including a little human. How do you teach a dog to sit? Repetition and reward. How do you teach a child to speak or right from wrong? The same way. Using this same technique, the algorithms of your social media platform are literally changing your mental state, beliefs, and perception of reality. The more you see something the more that becomes your filter of the world and the more you are trained to internalize these things as truth.

We can understand how these images and stories we see repeated in the entertainment industry, the news, and now social media are changing our filter of the world through repetition. So what are you seeing repeated constantly? What is intention behind the messaging you see repeated the most on things like the news? Messages to create more love and unity or to create more fear and separation?

It important to question this, to think for ourselves, and not fall into the “herd mentality,” where we follow the majority. The majority isn’t thinking for themselves, otherwise this awareness would be mainstream by now. By questioning these things, we will not limit ourselves to the “that’s just how it is” limitation, and instead we will be able to create a path more aligned with us and our needs.

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