Sunday Summer Solstice

Friends! June 20-22 is the Summer Solstice.

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year and the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere.

In other words…the summer solstice is a celebration of light.

Every culture across the globe had and still has their own way to honor the longest day of the year.

In the period of time we currently find ourselves in, I feel this is an important ritual for us all to partake in in whatever way feels aligned with our own light. Healers, natural nurturers, starseeds, and lightworkers will likely feel called to partake in this Solstice as part of their divine mission and contribution to the ascension of humanity: The Great Awakening.

As we can see across the globe, there is no one right way to honor the Summer Solstice or the Sun.

For example, the English Heritage organization will be live-streaming Stonehenge

Doing a sun salutation yoga flow or an uninhibited dance are other ideas.

Watching the sunrise or sunset in a meditative state is another.

Your intention and the feeling you place into whatever action or ritual you decide to partake in is the most important thing. I would encourage something that fills you with light.

For those that would like to be guided through an experience of light, I will be hosting a Zoom Women’s Community Summer Solstice Meditation at 10:30am PST on June 21st.

If you would like to join us, please RSVP with your email below to receive the invitation link.

Happy Summer Solstice my fellow light beings!

With Gratitude,


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