Intuitive Message for The People

Intuitive Transmission 6/24/20:

The masks will come off, in all the ways, off all the people. Those hiding in the shadows of the masks shall be revealed. And you too will see the power of the light as it rains down upon those would try to puppeteer the masses from the shadows. The bumpiest part of the ride is when the “illusion spell” that has been cast over The People’s eyes is revealed and removed. And people realize they have been cattle’d/corralled into living a lie or a fabricated existence. Like cattle living in a slaughterhouse. Living like that does not serve those cows’ true destiny or their divine purpose here. But to use them, to use their life source, serves those making a profit from them.

When the spell of illusion that has been holding your world in place falls, that will be the bumpiest part of the ride. Because most will not know where to direct their anger. But a light leader(s) will emerge in the chaos and they shall be the one(s) to provide clarity. They are to still the churned water so that The People can see. But we are not there yet (where you are in your current space-time). You are not there yet.

Now, there are more layers and traps (black box programs) to be revealed before you will reach the “big boss,” level, so to speak. The People must build their strength seeing through these smaller illusions or the already cracking illusions. The People must keep their eyes forward while reaching out to the sides for the hands of their Brothers and Sisters. And this is the way we march forward into New Earth. As One. As The People. Not as some people or as these but not those people. As The People of One Earth, of New Earth.

The dark plan is crumbling but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a few moves up their sleeves. This is why getting in touch with our intuition is so important. The intuition is your connection to your higher self, your True Self. That small feeling of “something isn’t right here,” is what will pull people to question the narrative they have been fed because it is not ACTUALLY in alignment with their higher self. The Intuition is just as present as your other senses to interpret the 3D world (sight, smell, etc.). Being able to interpret the energy around you or the subtleties of the energies around you is also a Sense. You can call it a sixth sense but it is more like the first of the senses in your upper level of existence. The way touch/smell/sight/etc. would be associated with the 3D realm, intuition is the beginning of touching into the senses of the 5D realm or the higher planes of existence. And so the Intuition is not a continuation or an addition of the other 5 senses. It is the foundation or the seedling of the upper 5 senses.

The Intuition, or the re-introduction to the Intuition, which many bloodlines have lost due to having to go underground for survival beginning with the Crusades and beyond, is the biggest hurdle you and other starseeds face. If people cannot hear their own inner guidance (or worse if they do not trust it), they will willingly accept the control of anything outside of themselves because they don’t have anything inside them telling them not to OR they don’t trust and believe in themselves and their Worth and their own Power enough to stop it.

People need to be willing to ask questions. Only something made out of smoke and mirrors will be dismantled by asking a few questions. Truths that stand in the light welcome questions because it helps with their evolution and transparency. If people can remember nothing else for now: do not lose your ability or strength to QUESTION. You have a divine right to QUESTION what is happening or being dictated to your life. The Truth will only be revealed through questions.

If something is afraid of questions, what do you think it is really afraid of?

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