YOU Are Intuitive!

So what does it mean?

Video Summary for those that prefer reading:

  • Everyone is intuitive
  • There are more healers, prophets, oracles, etc. walking on the earth today than in biblical times
    • Historically, the governing bodies used prophets as part of their advisement team
  • Intuitions is part of our natural instincts and a survival skill/sense
    • Look at people raised in nature or with animals, they are operating in-tune with their environment – this is intuition
  • We are afraid as a people to step into our intuition because we are afraid to be confronted with what it will reveal to us
    • We are afraid to be confronted with the things we have settled for that are out of alignment with who we are/our authentic self/our highest self
  • The intuition is more in the body (and about feeling)
    • This is another reason we have separated from the intuition because Western culture has taught us to exalt the intellectual over the feeling
    • This is that separation of the feminine-masculine energies
    • The beautiful balance of these two come from allowing those feeling to flow through us (feminine) and then taking the action to resolve or heal those (masculine)
  • So yes aligning with our intuition is scary because it will reveal these things to us but is living a life of bullshit worth it to protect yourself from the discomfort?
  • We are afraid of blowing up our life by coming into alignment with ourselves
  • To being to aligned with our intuition usually means we cannot put up with bullshit or the superficialities, which is what society is pushing us to settle for and is the life many of us have created by default
  • YOU ARE INTUITIVE. YES YOU HAVE THE GIFT. It’s part of your base instincts as a human.
    • I know you do because you are interested but more importantly because you are a human
  • You can go as far or as little into your intuition as you want, as it feels good to you
    • Your gift and your authentic life will look different than others’
  • The more we trust the intuition and bridge that gap, the more our intuition will give us and direct us
    • Because we have betrayed ourselves and our intuition or those gut instincts in the past, to bridge that gap an create self-trust within begins with being in alignment with what our intuition or higher self is telling us
  • Science and spirituality and spiritual pursuit are not separate
    • Science can be seen as another branch of spirituality
  • Start with small steps listening and reconnecting with your intuition
    • This rebuilds that trust within the self
    • If you are willing to take the steps of what feels right to you and not based upon the outward validation, the intuition will give you more.

Don’t give up, my little light friends. It’s important for you to embody your light and to offer your gift to the world. Somebody is waiting for what you have to offer. No effort is to small. It is never to late or too early to start. What you have to offer the world from the place of love (for yourself and others) and with a service to others mindset (which equate to honor yourself and being so filled up that you have more to give) is valuable. We fit together like puzzle pieces and if we allowed it to flow, we would see how each of our authentic selves has something unique and important to offer the world.

With Gratitude,


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