Nature Shows us All Truths

An Intuitive Message for The People 2/27/20 from the spiritual guidance translated:

Nature shows us all Truths.

When an imbalance occurs in an ecosystem, the system eventually goes back to homeostasis. For example, if a predator species, like a hawk, begins to overcome a prey species, like a rabbit, the hawks will eventually diminish their prey so much that the hawk population will also decrease. As the hawks decrease, the rabbits will increase because there are less predators eating them. As the rabbits increase, the hawks will also increase because they have more food. The ecosystem will constantly be swinging back and forth until it can hit in that sweet spot of homeostasis or balance.

For the last X years, the dark has been out of balance. Just as the dark gives birth to the light, we will come back into homeostasis of light and dark. This is the natural law. This is why the starseeds will prevail.  

How do I know that there has been an imbalance of dark to light? Because there have been blocks to innovation. You are fooling yourself if you don’t think we could, as a society, support free, renewable power and free wifi for all. You are fooling yourself if you don’t think we could have already transitioned off of oil and into a renewable fuel for our every day needs. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think there are already useable plastic alternatives that don’t create hypoxia in the ocean. All this, and more, innovations that would drastically improve our well-being and our planet’s well-being already exist. There is enough money, intelligence, and resources to make it happen. And yet it hasn’t.

Innovation and adaptability are a sign of life. As we just mentioned, Nature teaches us all truths. A plant is constantly growing and adapting to its environment. There are only 2 reasons by a plant (or anything in nature) is not growing. One is when it is healing. When it needs to heal from a wound or a sickness, the energy usually used to grow will be diverted to heal only until it can begin growing/adapting again. The second is when it is dying.

This is true on the individual level all the way up to the systematic. If we stop rising to meet the challenges of life, life will stop challenging us. And we may be alive but we will not be living. This is the strategy the dark has been banking on for a long time. Your constant comfort is also your demise. To stop raising to meet the challenges that life sends you (through growth of learning, adapting, innovating or through healing so you can begin to grow, adapt, or innovate) is to choose to deny life. The dark hopes that people have died enough inside, that they will also not rise up to the challenge of life, of nature, being put before them.

This is why the call now is for people to wake up. And those of us illuminating, educating, and organizing don’t have to force or try to make it happen. It is happening as a consequence of the rise of the dark. As the dark gets stronger, it literally gives birth to more light. This invitation to death, will spring people back to life. This is why they are in a checkmate of sorts.

There is a superstition that when generations are born with more boys than girls, it is because there is an inevitable war coming. In the same vein, there are an abundance of starseeds because there is an abundance of darkness. Because the dark are declared war upon humanity. There is a natural balance between the dark and the light, where truths can be found in both. That is part of the universal laws. The starseeds are overpopulating in response to the imbalance of darkness.

And the dark reads the writing on the wall and so now the attempt is to break everything on the way down. As in, “if I can’t have it, no one can” while hoping to preserve as much as they can. Now it is the strategy is to prolong the inevitable. When that fails, it will be to go underground with as many resources as possible.

I said a few months ago that at some point in time we will look back at the history we know as the dark ages. And it is. It has been a millennia of darkness and it’s time has come.

As the guidance told me, the starseeds will be able to create their own light regardless of how dark it gets. I know how to make my own light. I know I have and I am the power in my life. I am shining so those that are asleep to do not fall prey to the imbalance. Those of us here to spread light need to stand up and embody that so those that are looking for the light can find us. It is about the starseeds, of course, because a better world positively impacts us, but the starseeds would find a way regardless. You would not be able to live long out of alignment with self as this is part of our sensitivity and DNA.

And so it is important to understand that you ARE THE POWER. If you weren’t the power they are looking to harness, they wouldn’t spend billions if not trillions of dollars trying to hook your attention (your energy) at Superbowl commercials, on social media, in advertising, in news media. If you didn’t have so much power, why would they be making that much effort? Think about it, really.

Right now, they are attempting to have the masses co-create their own demise through the media implanting. If you start focusing on the media stories, many of them are “projectory” as in they are not reporting on the present, but using their influence to implant an idea of the future. By implanting this idea, and the masses internalizing and then projecting the associated emotions of fear and shame into this projection of a possible future reality, they are attempting to have you manifest this into reality for yourself. They are trusting that you are self-domesticated enough, that you will close your own jail door behind you. There are too many people to control by physical force now. They need acquiesce since they do not have enough enforcement to do it themselves. It comes down to the individual but they cannot control the individual and this is where the difficulty of their problem arises.

This is part of the reason for the bread and circuses tactic. The bread and circuses tactic will be explained more in-depth but it was used by the Roman Empire during their collapse. The citizens were given diversions, in the way of cheap food and entertainment, to keep political control and favor. If these superficial distractions diverted the masses energy, they would never revolt while their quality of life diminished.

The difficult thing is the internet is now the main means of spreading said propaganda and yet it is the same route the resistance and the awake are using to spread awareness. And so the dark cannot turn it off because without the constant hypnotic distractions, the masses will be left to their own thinking and awareness. That will lead to questions and eventually waking up. The masses would identify that the virtual reality (of pain and suffering they are indoctrinating you into) is not be present without the constant onslaught of that vibration of information (with the individual’s acceptance and consent to that as their own reality).  But if they leave the internet untouched now, people will be able to find the truth and will also be able to identify their virtual reality created by the darkness of war, pain, and suffering. (We say virtual because how much of that is each individual actually experiencing outside of their screens? In their walking life, how much of that virtual reality has actually translated to their real one? From moment to moment, how much of that actually exists in the majority of one’s moments?)

So, censoring is the only way to continue the strategy but they will also reveal themselves just as much. As they choose who and what to censor, they will also be identifying and illuminating their weak spots or what threatens their narrative. As we said, they are in a checkmate. Any way they move, will lead to their own fall. So now it is just how long The People are willing to suffer and to what extent.

The People are free to create their own REAL-ity right now. Heaven is available on Earth. One must just be willing to take the steps to get there. Every self-help, manifestations, motivational book, movie, speech, whatever can be summed up on the following: you can have EVERYTHING you want. You just have to do the work.

And so now the work for those that are anchoring in light, those that are bringing the world back into balance and back into the natural evolutionary timeline that was available to you until the Cabal hijackd and diverted your energy as a humanity, is to create spaces of light. Find the others. Connect through the light. Now it is just a matter of time. The pieces that must fall and the truths that must be faced still must come. You are not “out of the woods” as the expression says. But not it is more of how long do you want to stay in the woods? As you walk yourself out of the woods on the individual level, you guide the rest to follow you there. 

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