Your LENS and Your WORLD

A transmission from the spiritual guidance translated below. My edits inside […]:

As someone who is sensitive to energies, it is important to understand that, yes, you are likely accurately picking up on the energy that is there [in relationships, for example].

But that doesn’t mean your interpretation is as accurate because we filter it through our own lens and worlds.

Every experience, belief, or domestication you have changes the color and thickness of your own glasses through which you see the world.

An an intuitive and an empath, you may be able to see more accurately for someone else because it does not involve you and therefore doesn’t engage your “lens.” But the more you clear your own stuff, the more you take responsibility, and take apart your glasses/your lens/your world/your stuff, the more you will see the world [as a whole] and, especially, our own world unfiltered.

Of course, we are humans, so there will likely always be “stuff” to some degree but imagine the difference of [the following]:

Someone that doesn’t know they are wearing tinted glasses and they see [and interpret] the world as red or blue or as fear or as shame.


Someone aware they are wearing glasses and is better able to identify “oh this looks this way because of my blue lens,” or “this feels this way because of my abandonment wounds.”

It is important we acknowledge and take responsibility for our half of the things.

For example, yes, there are systematic and institutional problems that create limitations [on the individual]. But what about your continued participation in those systematic limitations? What about your participation in limiting yourself? What about your participation in giving up your power to an outside system or institution? Or a belief system? Or a culture? That is your half.

What Don Miguel Ruiz says is that every relationship is a whole made of two halves. This is all relationships [including with systems and institutions]. We can only take care of our own half. So if we are not taking care of our half, or if we are waiting for someone else to take care of our half, of course, the relationship will be imbalanced. We can easily fall into the victim mentality or the chronic complainer this way.

The COLLECTIVE is made of a COLLECTION of worlds.

It is not your responsibility to heal or fix or solve the world’s problems. It is your responsibility to heal your own. You were stationed as a soul where you are in your life for a reason. Who else will inject light and love and forgiveness and compassion into your own personal world if you do not?

Imagine the COLLECTIVE as huge bubble filled with many smaller bubbles. Half of these bubbles are gray with fear and the other half are pink with love. Imagine that half of those gray bubbles individually evolved their personal bubble to love and turned pink. What would the color of the COLLECTIVE be then?

By healing our own world and taking responsibility for our lens, we make the COLLECTIVE better because we as individuals help make the whole. The color of our personal bubble effects the COLLECTION of bubbles that make the COLLECTIVE color.

So do not take on the pressure of the world. That is not your job. Your job is YOUR world. Heal that and you will be serving the healing of the COLLECTIVE world.

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