Are you Settling for Dark Disguised as Light?

The process

We are beings of love. Love is wholeness. It is unification.

This is why things of horror like war, violence, hate, abuse, and fear cause long-term negative effects on humans like PTSD and emotional trauma. These experiences create incoherence within the body. This incoherence occurs because we cannot process it because it is not in our nature. It is not part of our natural energetic frequency.

You can see this is true because you do not have these same reactions, of PTSD and emotional trauma, when you grow up in a loving and healthy household. When you have safe relationships. When you experience trust.

We must become aware that the darkness even exists for us to know that it does not belong to us.

The shadows are not who we are and it has never been who we are. It can be a component of us. Like our leg or our fingernail. These things are components of us. But it is NOT who we are. Why? Because if you take away your leg or your fingernail, you are still there. A component may be gone but YOU are not.

And so we have a difficult time processing horrors out of the body because it is like a foreign invader in a way. It creates an incoherence or a disruption in the energetic field because it is not of our same frequency. It is not from or in alignment with the essence of who are.

Because the darkness is not us, and we must become aware of this to be able to identify that, it is important to know that the dark likes to hide. The dark likes to disguise itself as light. It will attempt to tell you that the light is dark.

A common example is the misbelief that love is pain or that people will always betray you. Believing love leads to pain is false. Love does not hurt. Pain occurs in relationships that are believed to be “love” when the pain (or darkness) in one person creates pain. Hurt people hurt people. It isn’t love betraying you or hurting you. It is another person’s wounds and their own darkness doing that. It is pain that causes pain. It is fear that causes fear. It is darkness that spreads darkness.

This disguising occurs even in the body. For example, the hormones of cortisol and adrenaline are addicting in the moment. Over the long-term though, operating consistently addicted to this hyper-stimulation deteriorates our health on all levels. These hormones in the body are an example of that pain/pleasure dynamic that gets so misunderstood because of the darkness disguised as light.

PAIN can be a component or, more accurately, it is the inverse of PLEASURE. It is the other side of the coin. So PAIN (like the dark) can disguise itself as PLEASURE.

Inflicting or suffering PAIN during sex IS pain during sex. That’s what it literally is. Not some romanticized dark disguised as light version of it. The pain we are talking about here may be existing at the same time as pleasure but it is not pleasure. Why? Because if you take away pain, pleasure still exists and is accessible separate from the pain. But – if pleasure doesn’t or can’t exist for you without pain, what are you really looking to experience then?

If you are choosing the experience of more pain over pleasure (the triangle on the right) , you are focused on experiencing pain. You have to hurt yourself or experience hurt to ALLOW yourself to experience pleasure because you cannot receive pure pleasure without pain. You cannot receive pure light, pure goodness. We see this in all things. Staying in abusive or unfulfilling relationships to feel crumbs of love and being wanted. Abusing our bodies with certain habits to punish ourselves or fit in. Staying in jobs we don’t like when we have an untouched dream in exchange for acceptance and the illusion of security.

Remember: the dark likes to disguise itself as light.

Another example. Yes, there might be temporary relief in self-sabotaging but it is mostly self-sabotaging. It is mostly pain. It is mostly darkness. It is fear and pain that this type of behavior is grown from. The inverse of this or the other option is more self-allowing or more allowing of whatever you are resisting by self-sabotaging.

You do not have to make a sacrifice to the darkness to receive a moment of light. You are actually worthy of a positive experience without heavily suffering a negative. Because this is our natural state. Our true nature of wholeness and love. This is available in sex. Relationships. Love. Career. Food. Health. EVERTHING.

The highest good of all, wholeness, includes YOU. You are included in ALL. So why can’t we go that way as a collective? If you are resisting shifting into the highest good of all, you are also resisting your own highest good. if you are resisting the triangle with more pleasure than pain, you are resisting receiving pure pleasure. You are resisting your light and the light that unifies us all. Being a healthier person towards yourself, towards others, and having a better society benefits you.

If you are not willing to do the work to be a better human for all, including and primarily for yourself, you are confusing dark with light. You are settling for more pain over more pleasure. You are being duped into settling to ok, familiar shitty-ness instead of glorious greatness.

Where else have you settled or confused dark for light?

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