Lion’s Gate Explained

Translated and edited transmission from the guidance about the Sirian portal we are in, also being partly labeled as Lion’s Gate on 8/8/20.

I asked about it because I saw some conflicting information about the portal, even saying that it was designed by the dark to siphon the newly awakened’s energy and it was a false light agenda. There were several intuitives and leaders in the movement I trust that were promoting this period and so I went within and asked my guidance for clarity. I have edited the below transmission because it was channeled for personal purposes. So some of the pronouns are directed towards me instead of the collective, unlike my other posted transmissions. And there are a lot of “yes’s” and “no’s” because it is more like a conversation when I do it for myself like this. They are addressing my questions as they come up in the transmission and channeling.

You are in the portal, dear Caroline. Lightyears of information passing your planet and getting stored in the strands of your hair.

The portal has not been hijacked. No more than your other symbols and rituals. Was it influenced by the dark? Yes (because its true purpose has been hidden from the collective). But its original designation was a period of time of fasting and seclusion. Limiting the noise in the body to be open to receiving and identifying the information getting downloaded into the body.

Was the 8/8 portal hijacked? Yes in terms that it was a distorted view of the original purpose. It is such a watered down meaning to keep the TRUTH of the power gone. This is a period of fasting. This is meant to be a period of seclusion. This is meant to isolate to come out of the portal with another upgrade.

Would your energy be siphoned by the dark during mass rituals? Yes and no. Yes for those that are following service-to-self leaders without knowing. No for intuitives like you that know how to protect your energy and how to clear and how to feel and identify the energies that are being presented to you.

Was it not the best date for mass rituals? Not true. For the service-to-light workers, their guidance and ushering in of information in a heavily coded and protected channel was important. Almost like helping them pass the river of styx. Not in a negative connotation. But to make proper passage of this portal, one has to lose sight of the shore they know. It is the “ego death” you heard of. Which is also why the lockdown has been released/opened up for this portal. To distract you, yes. … This is the traditional mystery and mastery schools’ time of self-mastery. To forgoe the fruits while it is in abundance is the test of the master. Not to do so in the winter while it is already lean.

The dates of the Sirian portal have changed over time, yes, but you have 3 different calendars laid upon your planet right now. So the 8/8 is still a powerful date. And the light leaders you know were in the right. It was safe with them, yes.

It will be important for you to unplug for a while. You need your own voice to be the loudest in your mind. Do not fear your strength. Do not fear your power. Trust in the knowledge that is Gaia. Do your rituals. Your intuition is true and you are being supported by the guidance.

I will be limited my social media intake until the end of the portal on Aug 13.

I invite you to join me.

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