Sirian Portal/Spiritual Evolution Journal Questions

Until August 13th, the universal energies are inviting us to go within, connect to our inner guidance and voice, and to let go of the place we have known to sail where we want go.

Utilize these journal questions below to help with your own processing in this time.

  • What place do I have to let go of to sail to the place I really want to go?
    • In other words, what labels, identities, or beliefs about myself/others/the world do I have that are in compatible with the ideal vision I have for myself and my life?
  • If I prove to myself that these limitations/beliefs I have know (above) are gone or are no longer true, what other limits do I maybe have to release myself from?
  • With so much information input in my mind, how can I identify my own voice? What are my beliefs and feelings and what are the ones given to me?
  • What scares me more: maintaining the limitations I have known (staying in the same familiar) or realizing these limitation are self-placed and I have always had (and have) the POWER to grow/evolve all along?
    • Does this fear serve my highest good?
    • Does this fear keep me safe in some way? In what way?
    • Is it possible, there are ways to be/feel safe without this fear and limitation even if I don’t know what they are yet?
    • Can I be open to the possibility that there is safety available to me in the place I would like to go even if I don’t know what it looks like yet?
    • Is it possible my fears no longer help me the way they used to?
      • If they no longer help in a positive way, is it possible I can see myself one day without them?

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