The Divine Balance of the Feminine x Masculine is both giving and receiving.

When we give without receiving, we cannot continue to give sustainably or without obligation or condition.

To receive, is to embrace the feminine energy. Each person is a balance of masculine x feminine energies which complement and enhance the other. To allow ourselves to receive and fill up, also allows us to give unconditionally. If we do not make space to receive from ourselves or others, we are likely giving out of obligation, fear, or with condition. To give because we feel like we have to, does not serve us and does not serve the receiver. The intention in the giving is not love-based in this instance. 

So is it really a good thing to give something you don’t want to give with a negative intention inside it?

And how does it feel to receive something from someone else because they feel they have to and not because they want to? I bet you likely don’t even want that thing or gesture anymore and it doesn’t mean the same thing to you because the intention is different. 

How does it feel to give something because we want to vs we have to?

Knowing it doesn’t feel good to receive things that are given with obligation, why do we do that to ourselves and others? What is the point of us giving with a negative intention then?

Listen to the whole video for the ties into (un)worthiness and being able to receive. 

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