Self-Judgement Effects Your Energy

When we judge ourselves, we are rejecting those parts of ourselves. So imagine all the rejected parts of yourself are splintered off into shadow but still attached at the base. Just because you have rejected this aspect of yourself does not mean it goes away. On the contrary, it is now manifesting in the shadow due to the SEPARATION created by judgment. In the same way, those that are service-to-self and of the darkness operate in the shadow because they believe they are separate from Source or have forgotten that they are actually part of Source.

 Love is Unity. Fear is Separation. 

So imagine now that you judge lots of aspects of yourself. You have all of these aspects or energies of yourself splintered off. Like the way a blooming onion looks. The aspects of yourself that you have yet to reject (or that you have accepted and therefore unified into your being) is a strong pillar of light at your core. Your pillar of light core is surrounded and has to look out through these shadow splinters that stem and connect at your root (root chakra). 

Because the shadow splinters attach at your root, when the root becomes out of alignment or operates in shadow (as in you become overly afraid or in survival mode), the energy originating at your root will be a higher match and more harmonious frequency with these shadow splinters or rejected self-aspects. And so your energy, your thoughts, patterns, habits, and actions are more likely to manifest down the line as one of these splintered shadows. 

There are two important things to mention….

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