Intuitive Message for The People

Let Freedom in Love Reign

Do not lose hope.

Hold on to your humanity.

Help your neighbor.

Reach out to your community.

Take the survivalist blinders off to see what is REALLY going on around you. Look at YOUR world. Not THE world. Not the world you are told to see. But the one you ACTUALLY do see. What do you see in the grocery store? How do you see REAL people in your community engaging? And not in some online platform. In your REAL living life. In the world you LIVE in, not the one you log into.

You will have both more clarity & confusion in this second wave. (And we do not mean wave of virus but of the pulse of darkness that is coming to earth.) Do not look away from the uncomfortable truths that you have always suspected but didn’t want to be true. Your intuition, your knowing, your deep rooted will to survive has been ringing the alarm for a long time. They have been hoping to domesticate it out of you and lull you into a comfortable silence. Do not trade your discomfort, do not trade your disparity for sleep.

The illusion of your reality will fall and is in the process of falling. But by coming under this spell, those that have fallen into this slumber willingly, because it also saved them from facing discomforts in their personal life, will have the “rudest awakening.”

And, yes, the GREAT AWAKENING is happening and will continue to roll out. A few are clinging to their illusions for fear of unsafety if they let go, not realizing that they will be caught in the arms of the Universe and their higher self, which wants nothing more than to see Love & Peace reign again.

Do not fall into tribalism. Do not allow yourselves to be divvied up and pitted against each other. You are not gladiators (real gladiators, not the romanticized version of them). You are not slaves waging war on each other for the entertainment and royalty of others. Do not allow those that have made empires upon your kneeling backs to continue to push your face into the mud.

Do not be fooled. But allow yourselves to be the 0 Fool for those that have yet to come into their own understanding. They are not ready yet and you forcing their eyelids open will only deepen their inability to see or trust anything else.

Hold space for your fellow humans but let go of the ones that want to follow blindly. Let go of the ones that want to learn the hard way. Thank them for their sacrifice. Because they are your canary in the coal mine, so to speak.

Remove any labels from yourself that limit your movement. You are a FREE & SOVERIGN being. You cannot be limited by imaginary lines you or someone else has drawn for you. Do not be the mime trapped in the box only you can see.

Label yourself with Love, if you must pick something. Offer your LOVE into the world and it will manifest as each person’s unique and authentic gift. Allow yourself to be a channel and a conduit for love and you will see your life grow and glow in ways you could only imagine.

Love will set you free, as the song says. Here it has never been more true.

Love yourself.

Love your neighbor.

Love those across the aisle from you.

Allow the compassion that blossoms from the seed of love to be the peace offering you pass back and forth to one another.

Let Freedom in Love reign.

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