Planet Peace

Peace Gathering Project

It’s time to decline the invitation to the fear party.

I know everything can feel overwhelming right now. We want to contribute to creating a better world but don’t know how to help. Well…

My whole life is based on the knowing that everything is energy. Modern science has confirmed and expanded upon this knowing. While reading Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza, he cites research that quantitively demonstrates real-life decreases in crime and violence during concentrated peace gatherings. So this got my wheels turning. My body sung. I already created the free community meditation in March to help with the quarantine side effects. I LOVE offering the guided meditations. So why not make it more purposeful? 

I don’t have large following of people or fans but I know I can’t not do this. I can’t let this period pass without trying. I feel it is my mission to contribute my energy for the good I want to see for the world. And this is not simply meditating in your house by yourself. The Heart Math Institute talks about how Every Individual Impacts the Field Environment. What you think, how you feel, matters. What you consume matters. Your light and your energy make a difference!

For 40 days, I will be offering live meditations at 7:15am PST with the intention of a peaceful, healthy, happy reality for all. This is my mission right now and my service to bring New Earth in. We start Oct 22 and end Nov 30.

My spiritual guidance team has helped me create the sacred energetic space in which these Peace Gatherings will take place. By joining the meditation or peace intention within 24 hours of the group meeting, it will still add to the compounding affect!

There’s so much fear being pumped into the world, why don’t we turn the tide? Why not say, “no thank you,” to the fear party? We have the magic. We have the power. We have each other. 

Whether 1 person joins or 100 join, I will be doing it either way. This is the mission I have been given right now and, to see the world I want for myself and for the highest good of all, I am willing to put in the effort. 

And I hope you will join me. And invite your friends. And their friends.

All are welcome. 

Every light matters. 

Join Planet Peace here.

I will be doing the live meditations on my YouTube

With Gratitude,


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