Liberate the Slave Archetype

So…“What are you a slave to?”

It’s an uncomfortable question to approach. We don’t want to acknowledge that we may be less autonomous then we believe but as we open up to the question, the more answers it unfolds.

Living in a material and externally focused society, we have all been infiltrated with the slave archetype (slave meaning being subservient to a dominating influence and archetype meaning the original pattern or model). This has made its way into our subconscious model of the world, like the glasses we don’t even realize we are wearing.

So I have come to understand that one of the main roots of our inversions of understanding (self understanding and otherwise) originates from this slave archetype.

Not convinced? Well, have you ever noticed in society…

We are a slave to trends. Watch any commercial, what are they trying to convince you of? To have the latest technology or clothes or prescription drug.

We feel like we are a slave to money and we feel obligated to make sacrifices based on this dominating influence in our lives.  

We find ourselves acting as a slave (out of obligation, not will) in our relationships. Maybe we are maintaining certain roles out of guilt like enabling codependency or being the mediator of our parents. 

We are a slave to certain identities that no longer serve us and we want to change but can’t see how to get out. We keep acting a certain way because its familiar and like we can anticipate our experience in the familiar, which feels safer (even though it is in the unknown where miracles can occur).

We are a slave to our own habits. Our own expectations. To the expectations we perceive from others. 

We are a slave to our phones and social media, news and entertainment. We open those apps out of domestication, not out of will. 

We are a slave to our attachments.

We are a slave to certain negative emotions and stories about ourselves.

To our addictions. Our morning coffee, or nightly wine, or weekend weed. 

With this perspective, the questions becomes: what aren’t you a slave to? 

Now, I am not saying there isn’t enjoyment here or that we are always acting powerlessly in the examples above or the personal ones that entered your mind as you read that list. But the multitude of times we find ourselves acting “subservient to a dominating influence,” whether to our own fears or ego, or to an outside expectation, for most of us, far outweighs the amount of times we are acting in our sovereignty (meaning not being under the rule or control of another). I mean, what would you find if you weighed them against one another?

We find we are in our sovereignty when we are acting out of love and not fear. We are slaves in fear but masters in love.

My goal is to offer this perspective shift for all and to unshackle the chains of fear that keep us entrenched in the slave archetype.

I am offering a Liberation! Slave Archetype Webinar this Friday 11/13 at 5:30pm PST for $25 for non-Carosoul Divine Online members.

We will understand how this archetype came to be, identify the ways it has creeped into our own lives, and reclaim our power back through some Alchemy. I will save time for an open Q&A at the end for any lingering questions.

I look forward to seeing many aligned souls there.

With Gratitude,
Intuitive Wellness 

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