Two Masters

You cannot serve two masters.

This phrase has been circling around my consciousness for weeks. As we approach the December solstice on Dec 21, 2020, my understanding of it deepens.

You cannot serve two masters. Many people say or believe they are serving one master but, in reality, they are serving another.  We want to say we are “evolved” or “enlightened” and we operate from the Light but, upon reflection, we realize that we actually allow our lower self to run the show. There are two masters and you cannot serve them both. One is of your Higher Self and LOVE and the other is your lower self and FEAR. I will give you an example.

If you know your job is soul-crushing, you are miserable there, but you stay because you are afraid to risk trying your own thing or to fail or you believe that to work is to suffer, your master is FEAR.

Another example. Let’s say there’s an uncomfortable conversation you have to have with a loved one. Without this conversation, the topic at hand cannot be addressed or remedied but, by bringing it up, it could create temporary discomfort or you fear it could potentially lead to the loss of the relationship. And so you never bring it up and settle for less. Meet your master: FEAR.

Another example. You scroll on social media and pick apart other people’s posts, pictures, points of view, and bodies. These judgements occur because you have some wound, judgment, or repressed desire within yourself. Otherwise you wouldn’t even notice these things in others. Therefore you likely do not represent yourself as you truly wish to and/or you show up in a defensive way to preempt the judgments of others because you assume everyone judges the way you do. Instead of taking responsibility for your mindset and using that energy to heal and find authenticity in yourself, you serve FEAR by operating from a place of judgment and resentment. We judge others because we are afraid to be judged. We resent others because we wish we could do those things we resent but we are afraid to do so.

One more. Why not?

Let’s say you have a political or social view focused on unity, equality, and acceptance but, when approached with a differing opinion, you harshly judge, criticize and maybe even name call those that you perceive having a different point of view than you. In this case, your master is also FEAR. Not love. Not unity. Not acceptance. Why? To preach acceptance and then judge those that are different than you is to become the very thing you believed you were fighting against in the first place. To truly operate in a space of love, unity, and acceptance means to bridge the gap not to contribute to it. To extend an open hand across the aisle and say with an empathetic and exploratory mindset, “There’s a reason you believe what you believe. What part of you believes that? And is that always true?” There is can be no true unity, equality, or acceptance if you are pushing away the things that make you uncomfortable or that you wish weren’t there.

The reason that this phrase “You cannot serve two masters,” keeps coming to me is because: you do not serve LOVE if you are serving FEAR part-time. You cannot be making fear-based decisions and actions every day and say you are serving LOVE. That may be a comforting illusion but it will keep you under the mastery of FEAR forever. For example, you are not a faithful partner if you are cheating on your spouse, even if it’s only just sometimes.  It doesn’t work like that.

You do not serve LOVE if you are serving FEAR part-time.

Everyone is capable of growing, evolving, and healing, but this does not mean everyone is willing. We always have the opportunity and space to grow and evolve. It is never too late. We are never too far down the path. Now, we cannot expect to be different people in a day or a month because our habits, our blocks, and our fears build within us over a lifetime and sometimes over generations. So we must make the time and effort to unweave this co-created binding around ourselves but it begins with being honest with ourselves about our starting point.

If you are serving FEAR and you are not okay with it, what is one small step you can take to choose LOVE instead? Start with one repetitive thought. Start with one daily habit. Start small until you break that small agreement with FEAR. Once you accumulate that strength, move to something a little bit bigger.

We are going to face many uncomfortable decisions moving forward into 2021 and we, as individuals, are going to have to be honest with ourselves about what those decisions really mean and who we are serving by our choices.  The December solstice will give you the opportunity to cement into reality the timeline and polarization of you are choosing: LOVE or FEAR. We will see a greater bifurcation of the collective moving forward because, before we can move fully into 5D unity consciousness, the extremes of the polarity must be revealed; like a rubber band stretching to its limit before snapping back to the middle.

Without awareness, you may be ushered in silently under FEAR with the herd of those following blindly just because you didn’t ask yourself the simple but important question:

Am I operating in LOVE or am I operating in FEAR?

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