Don’t forget the mission!

Don’t forget the mission!

This message came in strongly over the last 24 hours.

If you came here with a mission to improve things, to bring us through the ascension, to assist humanity in a service to others mindset, please do not forget your mission.

I recently watched an explanation of an experiment demonstrating that we only need 1% of the population to be coherent to evolve the whole collective conciousness.

The researchers did this experiment with helium molecules. They added 1% of coherent helium molecules to a jar with 99% chaotic or out of coherence molecules and they all came into alignment almost instantly. And that’s your mission here, and mine, and all of the starseeds.

If you feel confronted with the darkness in the world, do not be deceived. For that is the grandest illusion of all. The majority is good. We came here for good. We are a Universe based in love which is why the ultimate creation is made through “making love.” Anything that does not reflect that reality is not in alignment with you. Drink that in deeply.

Remember your mission: you came here to add goodness, to add light into the world. Do not be clouded by the darkness so much you can no longer see yourself. Do not get so distracted by the presentation that you forget its just a play. Do not forget the mission. You have bigger work here to do than suffer under illusory fear. Do not forget the mission, friends.

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