The Nature of Love and Fear

To have a better understanding of the nature of reality we need to understand the following idea:

You are the Boat. 🛥️
And you are the Captain. 👩‍✈️👨‍✈️

If the boat is damaged or you are not proactive in navigating and you allow yourself to be taken by default, you go where your subconscious takes you. This is where the ENERGY of manifestation comes from. The frequency you admit is what you Create and also what you are magnetized to.  And it is simultaneously magnetized towards you.

When people are FILLED with Fear or are holding fear and pain (A.K.A. darkness) in the body, the boat is always slightly being pushed and pulled in the way of things that are also of that frequency. Like attracts like.

You must have the FERTILE soil of fear for it to take root in you.🌱 If the conditions are inhospitable to fear, for example if the conditions are that of LOVE, which is the compliment and also the opposite to Fear, Fear cannot grow. Just as a saltwater fish cannot live in a freshwater environment.

Fear will grow as much as the environment permits. If Fear, for example, is a desert plant 🏜️ and suddenly the environment becomes a tropical jungle, the Fear will be unable to grow under those conditions.

So if you are consumed with Fear, it means that is exactly how hospitable your PERSONAL environment is to the growth of Fear.

We do not see things are they are. We see the as WE are. 👓

To think that that amount of Fear we feel exists only outside of us is false. We can only be aware of something outside of us if we have the receptor for it INSIDE. Like drugs. We have certain chemical receptors in our brain, which is why the can feel the effects of certain drugs and why the body can process them. So no receptor means there would be no effect. Similarly, we cannot be aware of something outside of us, if we do not have that thing inside of us. We see everything through a lens. A lens of our own stuff, thoughts, subconscious beliefs that largely (for the average person) center around FEARS because we have not had the chance to heal from them and transcend.

The real purpose for things like FEAR and ANGER are to teach us and to help us grow. The same way the leaves must fall from the trees in Winter to make room for the new growth of Spring.  

If we cannot TRANSCEND Fear via GROWTH, via EVOLUTION, we will be consumed by it. Like Nature.

Nature is constantly testing, poking and prodding us towards evolution. You don’t think flowers and plants want to be in their full bloom 🌻 of Spring all year? The same way people always want to 🥇 win? There is an illusory SEDUCTIVE nature to this fantasy but also so boring and uninteresting. Imagine watching movies where the main character only wins, never loses, never struggles, never suffered, and therefore never had the opportunity to TRANSCEND. You are ROBBED of your ability to GROW if you were never allowed to struggle. Every participation trophy given, every time you were never allowed to fail, you were (in equal measure) never allowed to grow.

One is implied in the other.
FAILURE doesn’t occur without GROWTH.
GROWTH doesn’t occur without FAILURE.

To speak about FAILURE is to speak about GROWTH. To speak about the GREATEST OF ALL TIME is to speak about a FAILURE. One could not have succeeded without failing. To prevent Winter, is to prevent Spring. To eliminate Night, is to eliminate Day. One exists because of and also cannot exist without the OTHER.

To isolate yourself from the OTHER is to isolate yourself from growth and therefore your GREATER self. We cannot become better without experiences with people different than us. To be only with people the same as ourselves is to eliminate Day from Night or Night from Day. The same as it would be to isolate Spring from Winter and Winter from Spring.

The same as being robbed of failure is to be robbed from growth. Then to become fearful of FEAR/FAILURE/DARKNESS (because we have never been allowed to transcend it), is to isolate ourselves completely from GROWTH. We inadvertently fear our very salvation because we have a misrepresentation of what it is or, better yet, we stop the story too early and therefore misunderstand its true purpose.

Once upon a time, a turtle fell on his shell. He was sad and scared. And there he lived fearfully ever after. The End.

The whole part about using the FEAR/HURT/PAIN/DARKNESS as an environment for growth is missing. The FEAR here is presented as a death sentence instead of a stepping stone. We aren’t looking at the full story.

Once upon a time, a turtle fell on his shell. He was sad and scared. He learned how to get back on his feet and was less afraid of falling because he now knew he could get up. And he lived happily ever after. The End.

Through that “failure” and “negative” experience we are put into the exact ENVIRNOMENT for GROWTH.

If we choose to not TRANSCEND Fear by using it for Love, for Growth, for Creation, we will be consumed by the very environment we are placed into.

The amount of Fear that grows within us reflects how hospitable our personal environment is for the seeds of Fear. You are simultaneously CREATING/PLANTING what you want to grow through your habits (from thoughts to actions to subconscious beliefs) and being pulled by what wants to grow within you (being magnetized to you by your energetic frequency) What grows within you, is what you are hospitable to.

You are the BOAT.

And you are the CAPTAIN.

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