Is Your Ego Well-Fed?

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So, do you think your ego is well fed?
… and what does that even mean?!

Let me first explain how I am defining “the ego,” since there are so many definitions. By “ego,” I do not mean our higher or authentic self. It is not the spirit that we are born with but the aspect of ourselves that develops over time. We can think of this as a second skin because it largely interacts with the outer world. And this second skin is made of all of the misbeliefs we absorb in life, especially in childhood, as we are being domesticated into society. This includes the negative self-chatter we tell ourselves, the beliefs about ourselves we internalized, the trauma responses we adopted, the ways we portray ourselves to be seen as aligned with or separate from certain groups or ideals. The ego I am defining can be seen almost as our shadow aspect or a parasite in a way. In some ways it may seem symbiotic because it gives us some feelings of protection or safety or it can drive us to accomplish more. When any parasite over feeds on its host is when there are problems. Similarly, when the ego begins running the show, instead of being used as a tool for growth and expansion, is when we have problems.

I’ll share with you my personal insight about this last week. Like so many lately, I have been confronted with old patterns I thought were gone. They, very evidently, are not. 😅 I had a moment where I just felt tired of trying to defend certain behaviors and beliefs that I didn’t even want to engage in anymore but felt vulnerable and unsafe if I didn’t.

I realized with a bolt of lightening that to keep protecting and defending my ego was not for my benefit. But entirely for the ego’s. It didn’t benefit me to keep operating in these low vibrational or negatively reactionary ways. To keep the shadows within me hidden and out of the light, does not serve me or my highest good. It serves those shadows. It is the ego and the shadows that can no longer exist and operate in the same way once they are illuminated. It is not the light that fears being illuminated. The same way a hidden parasite leeching from the body can no longer freely consume once the host becomes aware. 

Becoming aware of this I decided to make a different choice with the intention of operating in the interests of my highest good, even if that meant discomfort in the short term. 

I came across a quote, that was misquoted from another quote but still it resonated: “find what you cannot criticize in society and you will find what is ruling it.” I thought about this on the ego level. Think about the aspects of ourselves that will not tolerate criticism. It is the things we will not/do not look at within ourselves that are running the show. To evaluate and provide constructive criticism to aspects of our ego that do not want to be seen or looked at would create GROWTH. There is no growth without friction. 

And so this leads to the original question: 
How well fed is your ego?
– In what ways are you feeding the patterns you want to abandon?
– What shadows within yourself are you not willing to look at? And why? 
– What would happen or what could you possibly realize if you do?

I invite you to explore this questions. It will take some courage to do so but it is the only path to sovereignty (meaning freedom from external control). This external control can be a parasitic ego, a foreign being or entity, an idea or concept, or even an organization. But likely it’s all of this above.

Every week I do a collective energy reading on the universal energies we are experiencing as a collective. These readings have been private for members but I am now making this open to the public and shifting the focus of the membership to actionable progress on the path to spiritual evolutions. This article speaks nicely to this week’s energy update: Listen here: Energy Update 3/10/2021

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