Feeling Drained? – Part 3

Media Siphon

Feeling unusually drained?

[This is Part 3 in a series on feeling drained. Please check out Part 1 – Unequal Exchange and Part 2 – Future or Past? to identify your drained-ness]

If you’ve already read the first two parts of this series and you feel like there’s still something draining you, my next question would be:

How much online media do you consume?

When we have a diet of high fructose social media, news media, or something similar, we are actually draining our energy into those online interactions. Let’s say you saw a post or a video online and you had a strong emotional response to it, you just lost some vital energy (or life force) out of your battery. This can be in the form of judgement, shock, anxiety, sadness, excitement, etc. If you spend hours and hours partaking in this, imagine how little of your energy you would have left at the end of your scroll.

People with a background in occultism can actually utilize others’ energetic discharge directed at them to further enhance their charm, magnetism, or social power. Even regular people, that don’t consciously know how to harness with the energetic and emotional reactions they are causing, are still subject to an exchange of energy. If you are pouring a lot of energy into your online presence and others are having an emotional or energetic reaction to you, those energies can muddy and cloud up your space. This can leave you feeling heavy or even drained depending on the perceiver’s intention. You are energetically impacted by every person that has an emotional or energetic reaction to you online and vice versa.

Remember, energy is not bound to the limitations of physical space. You do not need to be in the same room as someone to exchange energy. Think about the times you have thought of someone as they called or text you. This is a symptom of that energetic cording and exchange that occurs between all things but specifically people. For many people, they feel drained because they have drained so much of their vital energy into the content they are consuming online. The only way to avoid this is to approach everything with pure neutrality. Buuuut….. since we are only human, the next best thing we can do is to collect up our energy. Since I am also human and have yet to master neutrality, I’m so grateful to offer this guided journey I use to collect my energy because I know how much better people will feel after this simple meditation.

You can reclaim your energy from where you lost it online right now and begin to fill yourself back up by following along with this simple guided meditation.

If you are feeling drained, it’s time collect up your energy and reclaim your life force today! With the right tools and awareness, anyone can start on the road to living in intuitive wellness today.

Intuitive Wellness, for example, is having effective methods to protect your vital energy.

Join me for guidance on the journey to create your own Intuitive Wellness.

Click the button below to diminish the drained feeling and reclaim your energy today!

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