Ready for Gifts and Miracles?

Every day when I am attuning energy, mine or clients or meditation students, I always add in “gifts and miracles.” Inspired by a mentor, this phrase stuck with me. I have a personality that finds beauty in all things but this concept brought it to another degree. It is one thing to attune yourself to the gifts and miracles of life. It is quite another to be open to receiving them. In truth, we are bombarded with gifts and miracles all of the time.

A happenstance moment. An accidental meeting. A closed door that presents a better fitting window. A near miss. Millions upon millions of gifts and miracles make up our day. But how can we become aware of these things if we are not receptive to them?

I help clients clear out their blockages so they can finally receive the very thing they want.

Even if we desperately want a thing (healthy intimate relationship, financial freedom, purposeful career, a dream home, etc.), if receiving that thing clashes with an energy or a belief we carry, we may be blocking our ability to receive it. Even when it is right in front of our face and at our fingertips.

If we desperately want financial freedom but we have an emotional or energetic bondage to not grow beyond our siblings or parents, we may sabotage our ability to receive that pathway. If we want a healthy relationship but true intimacy scares us because we do not yet know ourselves enough and therefore we fear we will lose what little of ourselves we have in intimacy, we will sabotage and/or keep the relationship at a “safe” and un-intimate distance.

The gifts and miracles of life are around us all the time but if we are unreceptive, it’s like ordering a package from Amazon but never opening the door to bring it inside. To allow for receptivity, we must identify the reasons or benefits we maintain by not receiving this thing. These “blockages” to receiving must be illuminated so the channel to receive can be opened and clear for that thing to reach you.

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