Feeling Drained? – Part 4

Healing and Growth

Feeling unusually drained?

[This is Part 4 in a series on feeling drained. Please check out Part 1 – Unequal Exchange and Part 2 – Future or Past? and Part 3 – Media Siphon to identify your drained-ness]

The idea of the “Dark Night of the Soul” has gained a lot of traction in the spiritual community in recent years. When I went through my first “dark night,” I had never even heard the term before and so I was going through it blind. Honestly, I prefer the term “growth period” or “cocooning” or “hermit-ing” as my mentors have coined. When we go through something like a dark night of the soul or a big growth period where we are moving from one spiritual stage to another, we often feel drained.

This “drained” feeling is less due to external circumstances as the first three parts of this series outlined, but more due to our physical body adjusting to the new energetic frequency we are evolving into. As a personal example, I went through a period where I was doing around 2+ hours of energy work on myself a day every day for about 6 weeks. It got to the point that I was so tired I started to feel physically sick and even my bones felt soft. Once I took a couple days entirely off from the energy work and then scaled back just to maintenance, I felt immediately better.

In these cases, rest is best. Taking it easy on the physical body so it can gently adjust will allow the growth period to be easier. We can also minimize the negative effects of a growth period by collecting the energy we have freed up due to our shifting and also set the intention to have a period of gentle growth. I’m so happy to offer this resource because it’s something I wish I would have known a during my first huge growth period. It would have made the whole experience more manageable and graceful. I know that anyone going through a major shift will find relief after following this guided meditation.

You can reclaim your energy from where you lost it online right now and begin to fill yourself back up by following along with this simple guided meditation.

If you are feeling drained, it’s time collect up your energy and reclaim your life force today! With the right tools and awareness, anyone can start on the road to living in intuitive wellness today.

Intuitive Wellness, for example, is having effective methods to protect your vital energy.

Join me for guidance on the journey to create your own Intuitive Wellness.

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