Why you can’t stop thinking of them.

Have you ever felt someone take up residence in your mind?

Maybe you had an interaction with someone and long after the interaction was over, that person was somehow still on the periphery of your mind? Not like you were actively thinking about them but you could just feel them around or more specifically… in your space.

That’s because that’s exactly what happened: that person’s energy was still in your space.

Why does this happen? (Get the free tools to clear it at the bottom!)

We create an energetic connection with the people we interact with. This includes even seeing people’s content on social media, especially if you have a strong emotional reaction when viewing it.

Let’s say you’re in the grocery store and you find yourself getting irritated at the person in line in front of you. Maybe they’re loud or they’re slow or you are judging their outfit but they turn to you to with a nice apology and you return a tight smile while inwardly rolling your eyes. After leaving the store, you find yourself thinking about this interaction. Even after you’ve made dinner and you’re doing something else, you are still vaguely aware of this person in your space.

In this case, this person’s energy tapped into something within your space. Perhaps its a wound about drawing too much attention to oneself or inconveniencing others or that certain styles are distasteful. It could but anything, but your emotional reaction indicates that this person’s presence touched a wound or belief within you. You are still aware of this person’s presence hours later because some of their energy is still in your space, anchored in through the wound or belief they came in on.

This is especially true for people we are no longer in relationships with.

We tend to obsess over the people that are really tapped into our emotional wounds and dramas. For example, that partner that was always indifferent or critical or distant but now you can’t get over is most likely anchored into your wounds of unworthiness or abandonment. Until you can clear this person’s energy and the wound they are tapped into, you will block yourself from meeting new people and from new experiences (instead of repeating the experience of being unworthy or being abandoned over and over).

This is super common and requires a daily practice to clear. Having someone’s energy in your space is not something to judge but to think of as a part of life and an opportunity to uncover wounds within ourselves that we may not otherwise find. Other people are our best mirrors.

It is important we identify ways to protect our energy and to clear our space because otherwise we are living with other people’s energies and beliefs clouding the lens through which we see the world. Having sovereignty over our energy, our vital life force, is how we can live authentically and offer our light to the world.

Here are two free and easy resources to help you clear your space right now:

Cord Cutting Guided Meditation

Guided Journey – Reclaim Your Energy

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