Maintain Sexual Polarity Through Specific Fitness Training

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Rear profile of the statuette. Credit: Petr Novák, Wikipedia

It is no surprise that curvaceous thighs and butt have been re-popularized as the ideal for modern women. This is a natural and traditional symbol of femininity and also fertility.

We innately understand this to be true biologically and evolutionarily. Women naturally store more weight in their lower body than their upper body 1. We can understand this body composition evolving due to women’s biological needs for healthy child bearing. A “pear” or “hourglass” shape is a traditional sign of female health. It is understandable then why embodying this shape may be more desirable for a woman interested in men. If the feminine shape is characterized by emphasized thighs, hips and butt, then the inverse instinctively follows that a masculine shape is characterized by a well-developed upper body. Which is biologically and stereotypically true. Statistically men have more overall body mass then women but the difference in mass is significantly larger in the upper body than in the lower2. It is beautiful to see how nature balances and complements opposites like this in their physical manifestations.

There are subtle energetic reasons underpinning this physical phenomenon. Many ancient world perspectives, like Taoism, recognize that the universe is made of complementary opposites that exist separately and also interdependently3. This concept is represented by the well known ☯️ yin-yang symbol. In the yogic traditions, energy centers of the body, like chakras, are associated with specific elements. For example, our root chakra’s element (at the perineum or base of the pelvis) is earth. Instinctually this makes sense because it is the closest major chakra to the earth. It also represents our primal or earthly needs for survival (like food, shelter, and acquisition of material objects). When we have scarcity or survival fears, they are usually held in the root area. Typically earth and water are feminine or yin energies and fire and air are masculine or yang. There may be some slight variation depending on the tradition or depending on what the element is in relation to but, overall, this is the case. The elements are depicted as such among the astrology schools as well.

There are earth and water energy centers in the lower half of the body. As Claire Nakti explains in her Female Path course, for a woman interested in magnetizing men to her and/or absorbing masculine energy (which is a divine female function manifested physically by the function of the genitalia), emphasizing lower body exercises is important for maintaining an appropriate balance of yin (feminine) to yang (masculine) energies in the body. The idea of “your energy flows where your attention goes,” is very true here. If a woman focuses on only building her upper body, where the fire and air elements are, she will be activating more of her yang energy. This will pull energy and focus away from her being the receiving partner (which is yin). Two yang (or two yin) partners will no longer have polarity and therefore will not maintain a magnetic attraction. We see this exact concept demonstrated in physics: magnets of the same pole repel each other but opposite poles attract each other.

That said, for women that would like to maintain feminine magnetism and a yin polarity, exercise and physical fitness is a natural part of that. Partly because physical exercises increases our health, vitality and confidence, which makes us magnetic, but also because a healthy body is a beautiful body. Understanding this concept does not mean denying your natural figure or body composition. It also doesn’t mean never doing another bicep curl or a push up. For long term bodily health and usage, we must have a balanced training. The body’s motto is: “use or lose it” and there’s no benefit to losing all your upper body capabilities.

What all this really leads to is utilizing a properly formulated exercise program to accentuate and enhance your energetic magnetism and increase your feminine health and beauty. This is why I have created fitness programing for feminine magnetism, athleticism, and long-term vitality. You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter here for more in-depth information like this.

In the meantime, a sample of my (current) most favorite exercises to increase feminine magnetism are: glute bridges (all kinds), psoas march, side hollow hold, and ankle weighted donkey kicks or leg lifts. This list is a grain of sand on the beach of options available though. Activating and enhancing feminine energies as a cornerstone of a fitness program is a game changer for women everywhere.

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