Is money spiritual?

Healers all wonder at some point in time: Is money spiritual?

Can you still be spiritual while making money doing spiritual or healing work?

My initial reaction is: “why would money not be spiritual?”

There is an understanding in many ancient traditions that, once you attain a certain level of understanding and awareness, everything you do becomes a spiritual act. So making money, charging money, and spending money are not inherently anti-spiritual. It is the way we engage in these acts that determines their qualities, not the act themselves.

Is money spiritual? Is it spiritual to make money? Spiritual jobs. Spirituality, Intuition, and wellness.
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What comes between many healers and living a materially prosperous lifestyle or even engaging in a fair exchange of energy/money for their services has to do with:

1) their associations, culture, and subconscious perceptions of money and

2) their relationship with themselves.

First, there are many deeply seeded ideas in people’s mind about money that, unbeknownst to them, effect their behavior around and interactions with money every day.

Money is dirty. Money is the root of all evil.

Money changes people.

Rich people are greedy/selfish/dishonest/unfair/unhappy/lonely/targeted/etc.

The more you make, the more you owe.

And this is just the tiniest of samples of negative money beliefs people can carry. You can uncover boatloads of them! If you were raised with the belief that wealth makes you a bad person in some way, until you examine that belief, you will always have a hard time charging your worth or accumulating wealth because you will not want to be perceived as a that type of person. This belief and many others will hinder you from exchanging your value appropriately.

Let’s examine what it means when you charge less than your worth: It means that you will likely become resentful of your work or clients because the exchange is unequal. It means that managing others’ perceptions of you is more important than honoring the value of your offerings. It means that you are unable to help another heal their money and abundance issues because you have not worked on your own. And it means that you are settling for living someone else’s life because those negative money beliefs are not your own. They were given to you.

So what is money actually if it’s not all the beliefs we have around it?

Money is a symbol of value that we, as a society, have agreed upon. It is a currency which is a medium of exchange. Money is a method we have created to exchange values. “Here, I have some healing services that provide value for your life and you have some paper that holds value. Let’s exchange one value for another.” That’s it. Any negative emotion or belief laid upon that interaction is a distorted perception.

Money, like all symbols of power, is a magnifier. Too much or too little of it does not change a person. It simply allows the essence of the person to be magnified. If you are generous, with more wealth, you will have a greater ability to be generous. If you are punishing, with more wealth, you will have a greater ability to be punishing. If you are social, you will use wealth for your social time. If you are a bibliophile, you will use your wealth to buy more books.

So, if you consider yourself a “spiritual” person (whatever that means), then money would just make you more…spiritual. What’s so scary about that?

Often times it is not just your beliefs about money that hinder you but also your beliefs about yourself.

There are many reasons for this but largely there is a belief or feeling of being unworthy. Healers will think they have to be the Buddha or Jesus before they can offer their work. Which is not true. As a mentor told me, “you will be the right person for the client that comes in at that time.” Of course, there are times you probably do need to acquire more training, skill, or practice before ethically charging a certain amount. Continuing to grow and evolve your vocation is important for maintaining a quality offering in any industry. Learning is part of any journey and also an integral ingredient for offering a valuable service.

I think the biggest issue with self-valuing, especially when it comes to money or charging money, is that you have a list in the back of your mind of all the times you betrayed yourself and all the times you cut corners when you shouldn’t have. It is the big pile of those moments where you knowingly missed the mark on being your best that keeps you from engaging in the proper exchange of values.

To feel worthy of charging an appropriate value of any service, you must show up in the world as your best. When that happens, engaging in equal exchanges of energy and value naturally follows. You can absolutely begin undertaking this journey on your own today. Plus, there are ways to streamline this process. Here is my newsletter sign up and here are the healings I offer to assist with this and other themes.

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