Why I don’t give Future Readings anymore.

And maybe you don’t want to either.

In 8+ years of paid intuitive readings and healings, I’ve encountered many types of people. The energy of clients that are super focused and attached to “what’s going to happen in the future?” is ungrounded, scattered, and maybe even a little frantic. This is because when we project SO much of our energy and attention into the future (or the past), we have less of it in the present (which makes sense if you think about it). This is what being ungrounded is: we are not rooted into our body in the present moment. This is a problem because projecting our energy into the future causes an increase in anxiety and also decreases our ability to create (and receive) the reality we would like to have in the present. (This “scatteredness” can be resolved by bringing as much of that individual’s energy back into the present moment as possible. There are techniques to do this efficiently.)

To focus constantly on “what’s going to happen?” is extremely disempowering and rooted in a victim mindset. If you are always wondering “what will happen?” you are rescinding your power and ability to make things happen. It is the equivalent of a potter sitting at a pottery wheel watching the clay spin wondering what it will look like instead of putting their hands on it and molding the clay into the shape they want to create.

Photo by Earl Wilcox on Unsplash

Very early on, I actually had a client leave our session really upset because I could not give her absolutes about the future oriented questions she was asking. I saw that there were things in the present that were preventing her from getting where she wanted. I didn’t yet see the answer she wanted in her space because there were things that were undecided and unhealed in her present. I was offering her insights into the things that were weighing her down now so she could begin to create that reality in present time but she only wanted to know what would happen later. She didn’t want to own her power to start crafting that reality today. It was a big realization for me. There are lots of reasons for people’s resistance to be in the present which I came to understand later.

I noticed there is a massive misunderstanding of how time and life here works. From my experience, there are very few things that are completely predetermined. (If this was the case, why bother getting a reading asking about the future if it was predetermined anyway? Why wonder at all about the future in this case?) Just as a potter is molding the clay with every spin of the wheel, you too are molding the shape of your future with every moment and every small or big decision you take or don’t take.

If you are not willing to take the time to examine your beliefs and habits around money and money management today, accumulating and maintaining wealth will remain elusive to you moving forward (because you’re not cultivating the skills to do it).

If you are not willing to face what is making you feel anxious and depressed with some introspection and self-honesty today, freedom from that heaviness will continue to be out of your reach.

If you are not willing to examine your relationship with food and exercise today, having a different body composition later will continue to remain outside of your conscious ability.

Feeding into this “future fixation” and becoming an accomplice in people’s victim mindset was beyond what I was willing to do or felt right doing. As a healer, our mission is to make people self-sufficient in their ability to be ALL they can be. They will be limited as an individual and as a soul if healers or teachers are cooperating or even encouraging their limitations. We hold their hand on part of their journey and offer them insights, but once they are on their feet, they need to walk with their own strength. There are times for providing support and clarity throughout people’s lives but this cannot stray into dependency.

Of course, in my healing sessions now I still get questions about the future: “How will my new business venture pan out?” “Will I be able to move to Europe?” “Will we stay together?” These are natural and normal queries which I’m happy to explore with the client after some preface. In our human condition, we wonder about the future to create some idea of safety. Even if it’s illusory. When these questions come up, what I can do is relay what I’m seeing in the space at the moment and help clear the energetic obstacles, add in what is needed, and create a vision to manifest into reality. All while pulling the individual’s energy back from the future and putting as much as possible into their body in the present. I always explain in sessions when examining the future potentials: “You are the Creator of your Life. I can only tell you what I see in the space in this moment. You can make a decision tomorrow that could change what I’m seeing.”

No one can give you absolutes when it comes to the future and allowing all of your energy to be lost into future wonderings will only decrease your ability to create what you want. If 80-90% of your energy is projected into the future, how can you recruit and use that energy to create and receive what you want today? At best, readers can give you the most likely trajectory you are on at that moment. Anyone that says otherwise has a motive other than making you self-sufficient.

Take home message: Like a potter molding clay, we shape our future reality by what we do in the present. To spend all your energy projected into the future will only make you more anxious and less capable of creating your desired reality.

Focus on today and the future will arrive at your feet.

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