Trauma and Limited Manifestation Abilities

Summary: You must be in the present in order to create or manifest things. When energy is tied up in past events (or projected forward), you cannot create new things in present time because you, your energy, your essence, your life force, is not in present time. Read more about that here.

It’s very common for people to leave parts of themselves (or their energy) in other “spaces” other than the present moment, This can occur, for example, when a past negative experience cannot be integrated into their being for whatever reason. We know this happens from a psychological perspective in what Carl Jung called the “shadow aspect.” The shadow is not our “negative” or “bad” aspects. It is all parts of ourselves that we have not been able to face and integrate into our being to create a whole Self or Oneness.

It doesn’t necessarily take a traumatic event for a person’s energy to be tied up in the past or another “space” but it is a very common reason. We can know our energy is out of present time if we find ourselves thinking a lot and feeling a lot of emotions about something in some time period other than the present moment (can be future or past). If you can imagine looking at a person’s energy on a timeline, a person who’s out of present time will actually be shifted in one direction or another out of the sweet spot in the present.

To be able to manifest something new in the present, our energy must be concentrated in the present moment to both create it and also to receive it. How will an individual be able to first create but then recognize and receive gifts and miracles in the present if 80% or 90% of their energy, their life force, isn’t even there?

This makes sense in a practical and intuitive way when we take a moment to think about it. If we are still brooding over something that happened in childhood, we will not be able to move fully into adulthood because part of us is still back there. If we are still hurting over some betrayal in a past relationship, it will be difficult to create a new experience or a healthy relationship while still focusing on pain from a past one. In this particular situation, it is extremely likely we will project this past hurt onto our current relationship even though they had nothing to do with the pain we are holding on to.

Manifestation and the creation of the new requires:

  • clarity (knowing what you want to create)
  • focus and concentration (being able to recruit and direct your life force at a particular aim)
  • receptivity (being open to receiving what you are creating)

There are other potent details like using high vibrational emotions, consistency, and taking action once it arrives but the above list is the most basic prerequisites of manifestation.

But not one of these prerequisites can occur when we are operating with most of our energy out of present time. It is difficult to be clear about what you want now when you are stuck in the past (or the future). It is nearly impossible to focus and concentrate your energy when your energy is stuck in the past (or the future) because, by the very nature of your energy being out of present time, it is scattered and distracted. If you are not there to receive your creations by being out of the present, you cannot actually pull these things into your present. Your creations will always be outside of you if you are not present to receive them.

That said, experiencing trauma does not mean in any way, shape, or form that you are incapable of manifesting your desires. Many people with traumatic pasts have gone on to create larger than life realities for themselves. Your capacity for creation will only be limited if you leave parts of yourself in that trauma, in that space. There are tools and methods to learn how to pull your energy back from these spaces and to maintain more of your vital life force energy in your body for more potent creating. For anyone looking to create more in their life, having a practice that brings you back into the present moment, like meditation, is a necessity.

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