About Caroline

At an early age, Caroline was groomed for intuitive work. As a child, she was often asked to read energies, forecast events, and played “psychic” games to pass time. As a teen, Caroline learned how channel higher energies and dove into meditation as a way to find inner stillness and calm her building anxiety. These two skills aided in her self-exploration and fine tuning of her gifts.

At her essence, Caroline is a teacher. Her passion is empowering people to heal themselves. Her teacher’s spirit was ignited by instructing over a thousand people as a surf instructor and later as a group meditation leader. Caroline has been an athlete and an intuitive her entire life but only in recent years, through her own journey of self-healing, has she found a way to combine the two.

Caroline drowned in panic attack anxiety and depression for many years not knowing how to get out. She later learned these overwhelming emotions were due to unhealed emotional traumas combined with empathic abilities (being highly sensitive to the energies around her). Her self-sabotaging behaviors and unhealed wounds ballooned her body in to the “clinically obese” range and a crippling suicidal depression. All felt lost.

After a depressive weekend un-moving and refusing to answer the phone, a voice inside urged Caroline to get out of bed. She forced herself to go on a long hike and repeated to herself for 5 hours that if she survived this trial, she would dedicate her life to helping people. She decided to focus her energies on self-love, stopped obsessing about the scale, and ended up committing two years to devoted self-healing, which she now calls her “monk years.” Her journey led to re-opening and healing lifetimes of emotional wounds and subsequently creating sustainable physical health and fitness along the way (shedding over 60lbs of fat). The Em+Fit (emotional health +fitness) Program™ is inspired by Caroline’s personal healing journey.

Caroline is an Intuitive Wellness Coach and Healer, Guided Meditation Leader, and Certified Fitness Trainer. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and Environmental Studies and a M.A.S. in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation.

When she’s not surfing, doing Brazilian Jiu Jistu, or enjoying the San Diego sunshine, she is working on her own self-improvement practice to continue to be an example for her students.

Read Caroline’s feature in SD Voyager Magazine.

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