Base Package

The Base Package is a perfect introduction, jump start to healing, or basic training for empaths to gain tools and techniques to manage their energetic boundaries. It is the foundation of long term healing and also included as the foundation in both the Heart and Crown Packages.

Have you found yourself feeling:

“I need clarity.”

“I’m feeling other’s energies and I need tools.”


In the Base Package, you can expect weekly 60 min one-on-one session with Caroline, which includes intuitive reading and a guided journey meditation channeled specifically for your needs and optimal healing in that moment. This also includes simple daily at-home practices which anchors in the shifts you make in our one-on-one sessions into your every day life.

For empaths needing to build their toolbox, this also contains basic tools and techniques to manage your energetic boundaries, clear your energy, and protect yourself.

Base Package Details:

  • Four 60 minute one-on-one Intuitive Wellness Readings with Guided Journey Meditations
  • At-home Intuitive Wellness Practice for between sessions
  • Energetic tools, techniques, and tips designed for empaths, intuitive, healers, and natural nurturers
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Free access to weekly Community Meditations led by Caroline with like-minded people

Set up your free, non-obligatory consultation today.

Heart Package

“I’m looking to heal and ascend.”

“I know what I want to work on, I just need a guide.”

Crown Package

“I want to step into my power.”

“I want a break through.”

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