Crown Package

Have you found yourself feeling:

“I want embrace my divinity and inner power.”

“I want to breakthrough my limits.”


The Crown Package is for those that are looking for a breakthrough and to step unapologetically into their own divinity. The Crown Package combines the benefits of both the Base and Heart package but takes it one step further. By giving you the tools and framework to learn your own sustainable healing style and self-alchemy (turning lead into gold), you become a self-healer for life. The magic you create in this program ripples out.

The Crown Package is especially beneficial for healers, spiritual teachers, and light workers that feel their power is buried and are looking for a guide to help them unearth it.

Crown Package Details:

  • Twelve 60 minute one-on-one Intuitive Wellness Readings with Guided Journey Meditation
    • Includes the Heart Package specific energetic healing sessions
      • Each session in the Heart Package is intentionally designated to a specific section of the energetic body beginning with our physical and energetic foundation progressing all the way to connection to our own divinity
  • Includes the Base Package features
    • At-home Intuitive Wellness Practice
    • Energetic tools, techniques, and tips
    • Weekly check-ins
    • Free access to weekly Community Meditations
  • Includes training your ability to be your own healer for life

Set up your free, non-obligatory consultation today.

Base Package

“I’m looking for clarity.”

“I’m an empath that needs tools.”

Heart Package

“I’m looking to heal and ascend.”

“I know what I want to work on, I just need a guide.”

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