Em+Fit Program™

Em+Fit = Emotional + Physical Fitness

Learn a better way to live.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “there has to be a better way!” when it comes to weight loss?

You’re right.

Here’s the truth: You deserve health. You deserve to feel good. Inside and out.

Almost all weight loss programs are outside focused, meaning they are only addressing the physical aspects of weight gain/loss. Anyone that has struggled with their weight knows this method doesn’t last for long.

Em+Fit is in a class of its own for weight loss because it is inside-out focused.

Through the program, you not only begin healing the inside root causes of the stubborn weight but you learn tools and techniques that allow to you to heal independently for the rest of your life. All this while creating sustainable physical health and improved fitness.

“Em+fit reshaped my body image.

It’s a health plan that lasts.”

-Jennie G.

Photos before Caroline’s Em+Fit journey (left) and after (right).

Cutting edge research is attributing more and more physical ailments to our emotions and thoughts.

Stop wasting time, money, and energy to programs and “quick fixes” that only acknowledge half the problem and invest in the last weight loss program you’ll need.

You just have to show up and take it one step at a time.

Em+Fit is a guided program that includes:

  • Handbook for Success and At-Home Practice
  • Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Guided Meditations
  • Toolbox with powerful methods and techniques for mental and emotional health
  • Handmade Personalized Power Potion Essential Oil Blend made just for you!
  • Weekly Strength Training
  • Self-Defense Empowerment
  • Nutritional Re-education
  • and more!

Em+Fit is available remotely or in person in the San Diego area as a personalized program or for a small group.

Self-Guided Em+Fit Online Program coming soon…

Learn more about your guide and instructor Caroline here.

Wondering if Em+Fit is right for you? Contact Caroline below with questions or set up a free consultation.

What past Em+Fitters say:

“Em+Fit reshaped my body image.

It’s a health plan that lasts.

Em+Fit is a health plan that has forever changed my perspective of fitness and dieting. I am a mom of two young children and have always been active. Before having my kids, I was a fitness nut! Pilates, yoga, hiking, you name it, but I was never satisfied with the results and would eventually either plateau or regress. When I started Em+Fit, I viewed my body as tired, worn down, and depleted.

Caroline guided me through a transformation which improved my emotional health and physical well-being that has become a permanent way of life. Caroline helped me breakdown the story I’ve been telling myself for years; that my body is tired and overworked. That I cant lose the baby weight or be fit ever again. The program encouraged meto re-wire my thought process and change that narrative for good. I started seeing significant results within the first 4 weeks. It’s been a year since I started the program and I have not regressed nor plateaued in my health goals.”

– Jennie G.

Dear Prospective Client,
I recently completed the Em+Fit program over the summer, and it was an eye-opening and life-changing experience. Before embarking on the Em+Fit program, I felt like my habits and actions were working against me, like an unconscious part of my mind was influencing me to find comfort in unhealthy practices, such as staring at my phone for hours, reaching for unhealthy foods, and eating when I was not hungry. Even though I tried to find an answer for why I was doing this to myself, I could come up with nothing but shame frustration for my body and self. This led to a cycle of feeling badly, eating badly, and on and on.

When I was recommended to Caroline, she accepted me and my struggles with no judgement, as well as with many years of experience and insight. While talking with her about my self-destructive habits and negative feelings, she helped my identify and treat the root of my struggles, introducing intriguing ideas about how the mind and body are connected. In fact, I still use the techniques that she taught me to address stress and cravings, and I have kept my journal from the program to lead me in my path of self-reflection. Now, even after the program, my mental and physical health are still improving because I am equipped with the tools that I learned from the program.

During meetings and workouts, Caroline gave me individualized suggestions and support, as well as helping me analyze my feelings and experiences. She is a personal trainer and therapist at the same time! The amount of care and effort that Caroline put into my cause still amazes me to this day, as I have never met someone with so much kindness and thoughtful knowledge to share. Each week I saw myself pick up healthier eating and exercise habits and be more mindful about my actions. Her program is beautifully thought out, and it is obvious that she is qualified to teach others how to improve their lifestyles, as she did the same for herself.

I am immensely grateful for Caroline’s guidance, and I would recommend her program to anyone who feels that they could strengthen and improve their mind and body.
Best wishes,

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